A Game with no Name

Maybe it has one, but I thought the title might be catchy enough to draw a few Game Dopers.

Here’s the idea:

  1. think of some category or grouping of stuff
  2. don’t name the category but give at least three examples of it
  3. announce it after somebody guesses it exactly the way you thought of it

Do as many groupings as you like per post, but label them so folks can refer to the group easily.


  1. Ziplok
  2. Hefty
  3. Glad

Category: Brands for storage bags (I would allow close approximations like Things to Store Food In)

Try to be as obscure in your categories as possible. See who can go longest without being correctly guessed.

This set is For Real:

Z1-1 Square
Z1-2 Granny
Z1-3 Reef

Wanna play?

Z1 - types of knots.

T1-1) Air

T1-2) Paint

T1-3) Tooth


Mine are:

  1. Wit
  2. Stout
  3. Entire

Types of knots?

ETA: tdn’s is brushes.

I want to say types of ales, but I’ve never heard of entire ale.


Knots is correct for mine.

Is “Ales” an official guess? I don’t know if we are supposed to give hints!

Z2-1 Jazz
Z2-2 Ice
Z2-3 Atomic
Z2-4 Information

Z2 = Ages

Don’t give hints yet.

I’ll leave that to the individual, but I think it would add to the Prime Objective (See who can go longest without being correctly guessed) not to give hints. Leave it to folks to Google if needed.

Z3-1 Claudette Colbert
Z3-2 Elizabeth Taylor
Z3-3 Rhonda Fleming
Z3-4 Vivien Leigh

Sure, ales is an official guess.

T2-1) Toilet

T2-2) White

T2-3) Legal


Sounds like this would be a variant on the Winner’s Circle round on $100,000 Pyramid. Here’s mine:



Is there something about Z3 other than that they’re actresses?

DWC – Commonwealths

Monopoly Avenues?