Trivia question: what rock star used to groom horses?

This was a question on a radio trivia contest. I tried Google, but all I got were articles on how to groom horses, and being a horse owner, I KNOW how to do that.

Before he got famous, what classic rocker was so poor he used to groom horses for $5 a day?

Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull must’ve groomed horses, given that he wrote entire odes and named an album for the workhorses of olden England. He also turned into a farmsman after fame and fortune, but did he groom horses as a young unknown, I don’t know.

How far are we stretching “classic rocker”? Davy Jones, noted Monkee, was a horsey type. I presume he must have groomed horses.


Davy Jones trained to be a jockey. I’m pretty sure some of that “training” had to include grooming horses. It also probably included shoveling out stalls, but that doesn’t make as good a trivia question.

Ian Kilmister, aka Lemmy, founder of Motörhead.

When Lemmy left at 16 he groomed horses and worked in a washing machine factory.

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Do I get a share of the winnings?

The question finally got answered this morning (this is a progressive type quiz, with unanswered questions carrying over daily). Stephen Stills.