Do you have a favorite?

I’m partial to Michael Nesmith due largely to his work after the series, but when it comes down to it, I’d have to say my favorite Monkee is Peter Tork.

How 'bout you?

Especially in the episode when the aliens turned his feet around backwards.

Nesmith, definitly.

Davy Jones was just too…twee. Total pretty boy. And too many of his songs were whiney.

Peter Tork was too much of a “George Harrison Wannabe”. Plus he kept wearing those dorky Nehru(sp) shirts and love-beads.

Mickey Dolenz wasn’t nearly as funny, witty or clever as he thought he was.

But Nesmith…Nesmith defined coolness. His laid-back attitude, Texas drawl and, leave us not forget his spiffy little cap. Nesmith was the Cecil Adams of the Monkees.


Neil Diamond.

LOL, Neil Diamond, LOL
He’s mine too :stuck_out_tongue:

I loved Mickey my entire life until I got all of the episodes on tape. Now, as an adult, I appreciate Mike’s TOTAL coolness much more.

BTW, I am a Monkees freak!!! I welcome any conversation regarding the show or the music!

That was Micky.

I’m a Monkeemaniac, too. Sigh. Mike’s my fave. Goin’ Down is my favorite song.

floatin’ down the river with a saturated liver…

Charles Manson, the Pete Best of the Monkees.

No doubt - Nesmith.

I’ve always considered Martin Short the fifth Monkee.

I like them all, but I’ve always had a bit more liking for Perter Tork. His character was always the one who got picked on or left behind. When I was a kid, I could idenitfy with him.

Hey, did anybody ever pretend to be the Monkees when they were kids? My friends and I did and we had a blast!

This thread has Peta Tzunami’s name all over it. I liked Mike Nesmith the best. I thought Davy was a total twink (yuck), Mickey was just ugly, and Peter was alright. The music is fun to listen to and the TV show was pretty good.


Sqrl, if you send my wife a link to this thread, I will never let you and dcnewsman read from my baby book again. :stuck_out_tongue:

I once dated a guy who was a dead ringer for Peter Tork. Turned out to be kind of a jerk, though . . .

Ah pl! good to see you back online!
When I was little, I liked Peter Tork, only cause well, there wasn’t much to choose from among the others!
But I had bad taste when little, and never liked the popular favorites anyway.

Peter Tork, he had a kind of goofiness and a vulnerability that I enjoyed.
My list would be:
2.Mickey-zany and a good singer
3.Davey -kind of a pretty boy
4.Micheal- seemed to take himself too seriously

Peter Tork is my favorite Monkee…and his brother, Nick, is a sweetheart, too. :wink: (And not a terrible musician/songwriter in his own right.)

I’ve had the privilege on several occasions now to see and meet the guys ('xcept Mike–ruins everything by quitting tours after 8 days!)…especially Peter (yes, that’s yours truly–in the middle; the other guy is a WONDERFUL musician named James Lee Stanley who occasionally does duet tours with Peter].

Peter’s got a blues band he (started) plays with now too that’s really good called Shoe Suede Blues. (They’ll be playing the east coast (MD, PA, NJ) in July!)

I’d say more, but then I’d really have to [hijack] the thread…if there’s one topic I can speak (write) at length on, it’s the Monkees.

I have to vote for Davy Jones, followed by Peter Tork. Mike didn’t seem like he would ever want/need a girlfriend and seemed unapproachable. What would a preteen know anyway?

But I guess I’ve always been an accent ho, 'cause I love men with accents. :swoon:

I know I’m bucking the trend, but hey, so what. I drooled over Davy Jones…those eyes, that voice… I have to say that Mike Nesmith was a close second, then Peter Tork, and Mickey was just okay.

My friends and I used to walk down the street doing the Monkee Walk…ahhh…the memories…

When 10 years old, i owned AND wore a monkees sweatshirt!