Trivia Wizards - do you know this guy?

Okay… a friend e-mailed me this link, and I get the uncomfortable feeling that he thinks I’ll recognize the subject, next time I look in the mirror.
Um… guys? you WILL warn me when I get THAT bad, won’t you?

(a) No
(b) No way
© Not a chance
(d) All of the Above

It is the Onion you know. Probably done with just a bit of tongue in cheek.

Reed- yes, I realize that the Onion is satirical, and the guy they’re writing about may not even exist.

But what’s scary is, at least one of my friends clearly thinks he bears a striking resemblance (in behavior, not looks) to yours truly!

I don’t THINK I’m that obnoxious… but then, I’m not exactly objective, am I?

[Cliff Claven]It’s a little known fact that bar trivia actually started long before alcohol was invented. Yah.[/Cliff Claven]