TROLL BRIDGE | The Moving Picture

I appreciate Terry Pratchett’s work. But I’m far from being a fanboy.

But whether you’re a fan or not, you should see this:
TROLL BRIDGE | The Moving Picture - YouTube

Watch from the beginning: don’t know why YouTube starts half way through.

Your link started at the beginning for me.
So far so good.

That was enjoyable. The CGI was little basic but it was good overall.

My name is in the credits of this film. Many years ago (like nearly 20) I contributed some storyboard art.

For me, the clunky CGI along with the decrepit Cohen was part of the charm.

Congratulations, and heartfelt thanks, to you and all the many people involved over the years.

It’s a bit interesting, though: I assume all of the long shots of the bridge and chasm were CGI, too. But they don’t have the same cartoonish quality the troll does. Humans are much better at noticing subtle flaws in creatures, especially humanlike creatures, than in objects.

I watched this the other day; it was great. The cartoony look for the trolls didn’t throw me because the voice acting and the animation were excellent. Cohen did a great job as well. Really, really enjoyable few minutes, eh. Well done!

The troll was designed back when the film was in a very different form. Originally there was going to be a bunch of scenes with young Cohen in his prime, flashbacks essentially, and instead of a CGI bridge they filmed on a real location. I think it was here.

Then later they changed their approach entirely, and re-filmed everything, upping their game considerably, but kept the troll asset as it was originally intended.