Trolling: where's the line?

A fella just got the complete ‘ban and thread-lock’ in GQ as a ‘known troll.’ His posts were obnoxious and leading, sure, but there was another nearby thread that seemed just as fishy to me.

Was it just based on super hip 's previous posts? When do irksome leading questions cross the line? Is this like the Supreme Court’s definition of pornography- ‘I knows it when I sees it?’

(that sounds more like Popeye’s definition of pornography, actually)

I’m not planning on doing any trolling myself, for heck’s sake. Just curious.

The mods prefer that these matters are dealt with by email.

But at the risk of a slap of my own from them: if a poster has been banned it doesn’t matter whether their posts are irksome - if discovered, they go.

So the guy was previously banned and just got a new handle? and the contents were irrelevant? I think I see what you mean.

Someone else just restarted the same thread in a very similyer (as they say in Indiana) manner, so I guess it’s not that exact posting/thread that got him in hot water.

Thanks for the info.

Just confirming what hawthorne said.

We do prefer to deal with questions about bannings by email, to protect the privacy of the individuals, and to avoid a big hoop-de-doo over nothing. Most bannings are for obvious and flagrant violation of the rules – I just banned and destroyed a post from someone who thought they could sell drugs here, for instance.

There are a few trolls who seem to think it’s cool to appear under multiple screen names (sometimes to have debates with themselves). We usually detect them pretty quickly, and then ban 'em and blot out the posts. It’s sort of like, the content is irrelevant when the source is unacceptable.

If you’d like the analogy, evidence is inadmissable if it was obtained from an illegal search, no matter how compelling or damning that evidence might be. Similarly, opinions from flagrant violators of our rules are deleted, no matter how interesting or coherent those opinions might be. (I know, it’s a poor analogy, but what the heck, and who moved my beer?)

Anyway, when it comes to trolls, and your question “Where’s the line?” … it’s here: ______________________________