Trolls R Us Resurrections

In IMHO now. Moved by E_C_G.


The topic of that thread is definitely BS, but it’s pretty telling how the only part of the story that D_Dumbass doesn’t buy is the idea that police officers would do something they’re not supposed to do.

I actually agree with DA in the sense that the story is bullshit. As I was reading it I thought, no fucking way did that happen as you described. The injuries she described would have been very obvious. The cops wouldn’t look at a savagely-beaten woman in her 60s and only care about a claim of a slap. Pull the other one.

I think she also fell into the trap of watching too many TV shows and movies that portray being knocked unconscious as no big deal. That it’s no different than being asleep and waking up. In reality, it’s a serious, often life-threatening situation.

Things absolutely did not play out as described. It’s a ridiculous online fictional story that’s being tested out on an audience.

Weird. I can’t find it if I scroll down the IMHO forum, but if I search for Assaulted it comes right up.

On my screen it’s the 8th thread after the pinned threads (at least, at the time that I’m making this post). It shows up just fine. I wonder if you need to refresh or clear cache.

Neither. It’s been long enough since lunch that I forgot I’d muted the thread.

LOL! Mystery solved! :smiley:

I agree, hence why I said:

However, I still think that

Fair enough. Swallowing everything else is pretty damn gullible.

What of our new friend reallyneverknown who has appeared with another new, tragic personal story about their apartment, also in IMHO. This one also feels distinctly trollish.

This one is odd–someone who has made only six posts, the last one five years ago, bumps a questionable thread from 19 years ago.

Process already begun on that one.

Check out his posting history. All 6 posts were bumps of threads that were at least 10 months old and in most cases many years old.

Someone decided to burn a for funzy sock in response to something that came up in the “Can we discuss Moderation” thread in ATMB.

All hail the burning of the socks!

I burning you sock!

My socks stopped burning when I switched to the new antifungal spray.

Should we gather together, in a few weeks, and in honor of the national holiday, remember (unfondly) all the socks of years gone by?,the%20wash%20over%20the%20years.

I wonder which socks get rid off faster: the ones in my washing machine or those of the SDMB?

I like this idea. We can exchange recipes, recall our favorites, hoist the beverage of our choice. It sounds like fun.

It has sox appeal.:socks: