Trolls R Us Resurrections

Ted evidently came to us from Quora and I highly doubt he’ll ever fit in here.

Once we’re all convinced he’s correct then he’ll be happy and a great member of the community.

I’m just glad Puzzlegal shut down the thread. Ted has no real interest in debating - it’s a statement of unsupported allegations combined with a near-religious faith in unbridled capitalism somehow being enlightened, despite all evidence to the contrary. Not that evidence was provided by them in the first place, but…

I swear, some of these posters are so blinded by their hatred of Musk they lose all desire to want to believe what is true. It’s really fucked up, and seeing this behavior on the SDMB which I’ve been reading since '99 is really disappointing. My posts in the Musk thread debunked a few oft-repeated falsehoods about the guy and I get shitted on.

If you don’t like his tweets, or him, that’s fine. I don’t like his tweets either. I don’t agree with his recent political views. But I do respect what he’s accomplished, and I obviously care that enough to post w/ cites to debunk some common claims because it’s just sad that some SDMB posters just repeat bullshit they’ve seen elsewhere without actually digging into the truth of it.

I’m glad @What_Exit closed the thread. It was tiresome.

Thanks to your bullshit it was.

That’s not the picture you presented in the thread. You seemed to indicate that disliking him wasn’t fine at all.

Yeah, many people in that thread said that he’s had some accomplishments but that he was an asshole, and gets a lot of credit for shit he just didn’t do. Most of the credible cites I saw there debunked you.

You came out of that looking really bad.

Sorry I interrupted the hate-Elon circle jerk with some actual facts. You must have been the pivot man because I didn’t hear shit from you.

It was closed before I had a chance to contribute. You’re hearing from me now, schmuck.

Oh, in that case I’m sure it would be very easy for you to point out where I was “debunked”?

You will just ignore all that is pointed out and ask the same thing over and over again, troll.

Where did anyone point out anything? I’m living in bizarro world.

That thread made it clear why that would be a waste of time. I’m not here to relitigate the thread. Hard pass.

You certainly are, and we would appreciate it if you would stop trying to drag us into it.

Exactly. Shut the fuck up or point out where I was wrong.

Or what, troll?

You know what? Go fuck yourself. Seriously.

Do you know why I had to create this thread? Because the last one was ruined by a shithead just like you, another goddamned sealioning troll who insisted on endlessly debating shit from another thread. And people took the bait. They trolled the troll thread. It got killed off, and so I made a new one.

Get out of here. If you want to seriously talk about this, start your own Pit thread and throw down the gauntlet. Get the fuck out of this one if you have a shred of fucking decency.

A shred is asking for too much. He doesn’t even have an iota.

Pathetic. “oohhh… Nate was in this Musk thread interrupting our circle jerk about how evil he is… he provided cites that proved what we assumed was completely wrong, but I don’t like that, wwwaaahhhh… I’ll just post that he’s being stubborn, I mean come on, Musk is a terrible person, who cares if the reasons why we think so might be wrong, waaahhh… Oh, Nate wants us to point out where he is wrong? Well, this is not the place! We must tell him to leave because as humans we just have this natural reaction to when we’re confronted with evidence that proves we are mistaken, it just doesn’t feel good!” wahhhwahh

Who are you guys talking to?

Do I have to explain the ignore function again?

You’re really bad at this.

Your “evidence” in the other thread was primarily attacking the SDMB as horrible for disagreeing with you. The rest were either nitpicking one word out of a post and acting like it would somehow debunk it, or posting citations that actually proved the opposite of what you claimed. But mostly it was just attacking the SDMB because we dared not like Elon Musk.

You kept saying you weren’t some Musk fanboy, but you’re clearly willing to burn all bridges here to defend this guy. You’re willing to believe that everyone else is wrong and you are right.

You’re now thought of as a troll. People are putting you on ignore for being such a colossal asshole (as I will after this post). Was defending the honor of a selfish billionaire worth all that? Or are you just that arrogant?

If I didn’t know better, I would actually think you were Musk, because your behaviors are similar. The only thing is, there’s no way the real Musk wouldn’t tell everyone who he is or threaten to buy the SDMB because we were being mean to him.

Still, the reason you can’t seem to figure out that what Musk does is shitty is that you don’t have any problem acting the same way. That’s why I suspect you took this all personally. And why, even months out, you still haven’t taken that calm bit of introspection.

All I can say is that at least it wasn’t defending TERFs.