Trolls R Us Resurrections

That’s the valid Pit angle, apparently: the increasingly shrill and disconnected-from-reality white knighting. It didn’t feel sincere, and even if it were it would be trolling.

Asking a question with the explicit reason of getting into pointless argument is the classic definition of trolling behavior.

Better Nate than lever

Yeah, I have no problem with the closure of the thread, nate’s obstructionism wasn’t going to go away. But note that it wasn’t originally a “just dump on Musk” thread. There was a lot of coherent discussion about whether, how and to what extent certain actions by Musk justified criticism and/or contempt for him.

Until nate decided to try to stonewall any and all criticism of Musk by essentially just repeating “I’m right, you’re wrong, why don’t you care about the truth?” to every rebuttal.

I suspect a decent amount, as Musk is in the news for his Twitter buyout, and he’s already committed actions that are making people angry. For example, he’s backing up Steven Crowder’s claim that the government are being “Nazi’s” to have a department focused on disinformation.

Maybe that thread was tainted, but I don’t think it necessarily was a pit thread before nate was pissing everyone off and attacking the very message board (and its users) for their posts. I don’t think it was a pitting of Musk, as most people were calmly discussing things, not ranting.

I do have one more thing I want to say, but (1) it relates to an ATMB thread and (2) I’m worried you’ll be offended.

The Twitter bit has its own thread anyway.

Elon Musk is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.

Grimes? Is that you?

I’ll free you from Musk’s basement now.

Now you’re disrespecting his loop tunnel?

The real reason for Boring Company.

I didn’t participate, but was wondering if they were suggesting that “Republican capitalism” is somehow different from “Democratic capitalism”?

I always supported Republican Capitalism, Theodore Roosevelt Trust Busting type.

I couldn’t figure out if it was a non-english speaking poster, struggling to make a point, or just a spamming troll.


Ted is stinking up P&E with the same arguments that got the prior Good Capitalism thread shut down with massive spin-based attacks on the left as usual. I have my popcorn, but can’t be bothered to feed obvioustroll. And since it’s so obvious, leaning towards a quick ignore prior to the probably inevitable ban.

Why was Marx wrong about capitalism? - is the thread in question if people want to go look.

Yeah, I just about let fly with the “Obvious troll is obvious” comment when I realized it was in P&E.

Yup - I was 100% certain I couldn’t keep my contempt out of my tone and didn’t want to earn the wrath of the mods dealing with a bad faith actor. They are begging for a fight, and hope to drag others down to their level. And someone is probably going to get noted/warned when they do.

Sorry. I read they as referring to the moderators. That made your post very amusing! I realize, of course, you meant the (singular) troll in question.

I almost popped into the thread after I read,

I see I am the only Republican conservative libertarian here. Do they ban Republicans here?

but decided not to since my immediate response was, “They leave because they get tired of losing arguments when the facts are brought up.”

I have a feeling that wouldn’t have gone over well, and besides, it does nothing to contribute to the thread.

I live to amuse with my various bad typing habits and poor proofreading.

It’s hard to not play the trolls game. And obviously, as this is the second go-around, ignoring the troll and hoping it goes away is not in the cards.