Trolls R Us Resurrections

Some pretty unkind assumptions there.

My reasoning was as follows:

  1. It’s a new poster. Give him a break.
  2. No genuine troll says out loud they are trolling.
  3. The query – irrespective of how it was posed – generated good faith discussion, right up to the point that the OP identified himself as a low effort troll. Only then were many flags thrown.
  4. The thread had lost steam and was predictably falling off the radar.

I don’t like to invalidate good faith posts made by others simply because of ignorance on the part of a new OP. Had the OP carried on being a trolly jerk after his initial post, I would have taken further action. Instead, he just stopped.

It was subsequently learned by another mod, one more experienced at ferreting out temporary email accounts than me, that the OP was likely a spammer/former troll. Since I didn’t see those things, I didn’t have the evidence to ban as a spammer or troll.

@ASL_v2.0 is correct. We must manually enter “BANNED” in the person’s profile for that language to appear. It’s an easy thing to overlook.

“Suspended” and “BANNED” are exactly the same thing. The suspension is permanent.


Please flag the posts, I’m not even sure what thread is being discussed. I will have to go looking.

Title updated on banned poster JesuisB.

But they did, IMO, or at least didn’t promise to be a worthwhile contributor in the future. That would not have been the case if, instead of “lol people actually responded to my low quality troll post”, they would have instead said something like “lol that was a low quality troll post wasn’t it? Here are some examples of what my OP alleges…”

But just judging by their contributions to the thread, I foresee more low quality, unsupported posts in the future of the poster had they remained.

At which point, we would have happily intervened.

Indefinite Suspension = Banned (in Discourse).

Just as a point of curiosity, on Wikipedia, we also have indefinite suspensions, but they are different from bans in that a suspension is a unilateral decision by an admin (I’ve suspended tons of folks over there) but a ban is a decision decided by a consensus of the community. I’ve also implemented bans, but those were just me executing the “will of the people” (so to speak). A suspension can be lifted if an administrator decides that it’s warranted, but a ban can only be lifted following a community discussion and an agreement to lift it.

Anyway, that’s a total tangent, but I just thought it was interesting how another community differentiates between the two things. (I can also imagine the chaos if the community was allowed to decide on bans here, speaking as a member of that community I don’t think I’d trust us!)

TedBaiamonte “Why Republican capitalism better” is suspect.

I can’t imagine why :wink:

Oh yeah. Name might as well be LookAtMeImATrock.

ETA: Thread closed, closing admin posting. Drumroll!

ETA2: A stern reminder to the OP about board rules.

Starts with “Republican capitalism is better, because competition favors the best!”

Responds to replies with “Be more specific in your criticism!”

Gave me a good laugh at least!

“Republican capitalism better” because indicatives are a waste of time.

Da! Pravda!

nate has gone full sealion in the “Why the hate for Elon Musk?” thread.

And he managed to get it closed - exactly his goal, to shut down criticism of Musk.

Perhaps @What_Exit could give nate a thread ban and let the rest of the posters continue.

nate was being attacked in the thread as much as he was no longer making any points. It wasn’t just nate that got that thread closed. If you want a thread to just bash Musk, that should go in the Pit, not IMHO. A question was asked, it wasn’t suppose to be a just dump on Musk thread.

It was a complete mess and even if there was a good reason to evict a poster, it was unlikely to ever get back on track. Besides what was left to say?

Well, for one…

As I emotionally heal from my divorce, I have learned to have hope that somewhere, out there, there may be somebody that could possibly care as deeply for me as nate does for Elon Musk…

I am crying…

Well, I was going to comment on how Musk is showing behavior that matches the conspiracy theory mindset of very rich people of the past, like Henry Ford. It ended bad for a lot of people.

Time would tell if Musk is following a similar path, and tweet posts were he used “Woke” as a slur, just makes me fearful of what he is relying for information. Garbage in, and Garbage out is really bad when there is a powerful guy trowing his/her weight around when someone is relying on conspiracy ideas.

I think Musk is a garbage person, but please can we take it to another thread? Thank you.

If the question is literally “why do people hate Elon Musk”, the good-faith answers will look unavoidably like dumping on Musk. Doubly so when the question turns out to be entirely rhetorical and intended to start a pointless argument.

But this is ATMB talk in a Pit thread, so I’ll junior mod myself and drop that.

Yes, it’s not as though anyone would interpret that thread as a deep psychological analysis of why haters need to hate. (Although I suppose it did turn into a psychological analysis of why naters need to nate.)