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I was recently, in a political news forum, accused of being a “troll”, because I had posted what was mistakenly interpreted as being right-wing, in a predominately left-wing forum. Hell, I didn’y even know what the word “troll” meant and I surely didn’t post the message to inflame or incite anyone. It provoked a great big on-line argument, accusations flew on both sides (particularly with one person who kept insisting that I was both a “LIAR” and a "troll) and I resigned to never post on that website again. But, I had to find out what a “troll” was, so as to clarify what I had been accused of.

Thanks. Your website surely answered my questions.

Sorry, I clicked the wrong button.

I assume the OP is referring to the Staff Report What is a Troll?

Funny, without Giles posting that Staff Report, you would easily assume the OP was either in the wrong forum or a whoosh…

Welcome to the intrawebs…

Don’t worry about it. To tell you the truth, successfully putting your first post into Comic font would have been one of the worst things you could have done, wrt making a good impression on anybody.


Yes, using comic sans on your first post is like showing up to a blind date with a cold sore.

that said, welcome! hope you hang around for a while.

Actually, I bet making it really big Comic Sans would make an even worse impression

No, that would be Comic Sans in purple.

Like this?

Good, but you need more smilies.

:slight_smile: Just marking my territory :slight_smile:

Like this?


Your site not correctly work in my safari browser

Announced just recently. On April 1, in fact.