Tron: Legacy trailer

Here’s a blog post with the trailer; I concur with the sentiment expressed in that post (Holy Fuckballs, Yes!), with this proviso:

Please, please, please let this movie not be so stupid I can’t watch it. James Cameron stupid I can take, Michael Bay or Uwe Boll stupid… I may need to watch it anyway, so please.

Well, it’s not like “Tron” wasn’t pretty cheesy to begin with, fond memories notwithstanding…

Right, I’m looking for

(1) a plot that makes sense for at least the 2 hours I’m actually in the theater
(2) protagonists that are straightforwardly likeable
(3) action scenes that I can actually follow without a pause button.

I figure the odds are about 50-50 I get that much.

If nothing else, it’s good to see Bruce Boxleitner again.

I was really young when the original came out but I remember there not really being a story, I hope theres more of a plot this time.

That trailer’s better than the Bike Race teaser that was out last year (and that’s saying a lot - I whooped out loud for that), and I am stoked for this.

ETA - Sitnam, I always thought the plot of the original was actually quite well done for what it was (a chance for the Disney boys to play with new tech)

Based on the trailer I’m really looking forward to this, and a good choice on getting Daft Punk to do the music.

Guessing (part of) the plot from the trailer, the main characters dad seems to have disappeared twenty years ago while working on a computer system, ending up of course in the reality inside the machine, when they meet his son says its been a long time, to which his dad replys, “You have no idea”.

If I recall the first movie correctly that while the events inside the computer seemed to subjectively days for the main character in the real world only an instant had passed, so if someone was stuck in the machine for twenty years real-time…well it would be a subjective eternity, long enough for him to go completely insane and with his powers as a User to take over the mainframe and the electronic world dictator style.

Thats my guess as to the main plot, it’ll be interesting to see how it actually plays out.

But would he age inside of the computer?

A good question, perhaps as a User (effectively a god) he might not?

He’s mostly showing up in Sci-fi channel movies now. Alas, how far Captain Sheridan has fallen.

Then again, he just did the Babylon 5 DVD movie not that long ago and it was OK.

I’m quite excited about this- it’s just a shame we’ve got so long 'til it’s released.

It looks like the plot is very similar to the Tron 2.0 videogame (which itself wasn’t half bad).

Ok to bump and link to the newest trailer?

I’ll probably see this no matter what the reviews say, even if only to see the Lightcycles in glorious 3D :smiley:

Either that or buy the real thing