Troop deployment in Northern Ireland ends today

Not mundane but still…

It’s taken a long time. Lots of blood and tears and a huge amount of hatred.

Today at midnight it comes to an end.

Initially welcomed as protectors by the Catholic/Nationalist community but that quickly turned sour and then shit hit the fan in a big way.

It’s now all but over. Now we are just left with the scares and the animosity which will take another generation at least to heal to some degree or another.

Thanks be to christ though that they(all sides) saw a bit of sense though.

A good day for everyone. NI is back in the hands of the police and politicians.

Wowser. Big day indeed.

Wow. For the longest time I wondered if they’d ever get to this point. This is fantastic. My best wishes to the people of Northern Ireland.

So, I know next to nothing about what’s being on since all the bombing stopped. Why are the 5,000 troops staying?

Nevermind, I read the linked articles. This is great.

Indeed this is good news.

I spent a fair amount of my 20s strongly in favor of Sien Fein (and I’ll admit it now with a bit of regret) the IRA and the whole idea of a united and free Ireland. Age and life experience mellowed me a bit and led to my eventual rejection of accepting as necessary the use of violent means to resolving “The Troubles”. My sympathies probably still fall into the Republican/Catholic/United Ireland camp tho’.

I’m glad there is now peace in Ireland. Maybe not the peace I had hoped for in my youth, but I’ll take it anyday over more hate, violence, and bloodshed.


Buíochas le Dia. I hope it stays this way for a very, very, very long time.

They are just “garrison” troops. There are similar establishments in Great Britain in Aldershot , Catterick and Colchester , to name a few.

When the cold war ended the British Army of the Rhine was no longer needed in Germany but there were and are no where near enough barracks in the U.K. to relocate them to.
And its still a problem ,though in Ulster a lot of the local economy would suffer without the British Armys purchasing power,both official and off duty squaddies and their families contribution.

I read somewhere that except for one day in 1968 that the Brits have been fighting somewhere or other in the world continuosly for over a century.
If true the cynically minded might suspect its because it solves the military accomodation problem.

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I wish my dad had lived to see this. He was born and raised in county Limerick, and immigrated to the US in 1948. But he always kept in touch and was very active in the Irish American community here. Actually, you might say he was part of the problem, depending on whose side you were on. He contributed regularly to the IRA.

This really is a momentous time. Although I have no Irish background, I have many friends from various religious/cultural backgrounds who do. Having said that, I was told about this a few days ago by a friend, and have since then heard NOTHING about it on our media here (down under). I started to think that he’d dreamed it all, until I looked it up on the internet. I would have thought that this would get worldwide attention equivalent to if (for example) Cuba became a democracy, but apparently I was wrong.

I wonder if the large influx of immigrants helped in a way. You have many more people not of either faith added into the mix, with a lot of expansion.

Not strictly true ,traditionally Ulster has been divided between Catholic and Protestant communities and the P.S.N.I. (Police ServiceNorthernIreland) became predominately Protestant when the I.R.A. began their campaign of murdering off duty Catholic policemen and members of their families and any Catholic who even thought of applying for the job.

As a result the British Government has brought in a policy of positive discrimination for Catholic applicants to the police service .
But as you say there has been heavy immigration and a lot of them are Catholic.
So the joke in Ulster now is that the police will soon be fifty percent Polish.