Tropico 6 - ¡El Presidente ha vuelto!

I did a search and found a couple of comments in a thread last spring about this game:

but no thread, so: here we go! A thread for all things Tropico 6, from anticipation to emancipation to constitutional declarations to and strategizations to final capitulations!

Release date is now given as January 2019 and the Steam beta has been open since last month for people who pre-paid (not me).

It was 4 years ago that I finished my last game of Tropico 5, so I just installed it again last night, figuring I’d play a couple of games before it’s obsoleted (still a ton of fun).

But the new game: wow! A bunch of cool-sounding new features, not least the introduction of archipelagos and multi-island empires!

Also it says there will be a more intricate transportation system, which could be cool as long as I don’t have to micro-manage anything (the series seems to be pretty good about that, tho).

Raiding parties, a new research system… :smiley:

I liked T5 quite a bit, so I hope these are genuine improvements and not just bells & whistles.

This El Presidente is ready to lead the glorious revolution to bring liberty, freedom and prosperity to the good people of Flagrante Delicto! Bring on Tropico 6!

as some one who follows this series ive heard 3 was the best and the last 2 were just refinements that weren’t particularly ground breaking ….

I’m still looking forward to it. Watched a bit of a few YouTube videos of people playing the beta and it looks good. I didn’t watch much because I don’t want to spoil the game for myself … and I don’t want to pay to be a beta tester.

I had forgotten how much I hated the tornados. What fucking idiot wrote the code for these and what group of idiots left it in??? :confused:

I hope they don’t have stupid stuff like this in 6 but I’m guessing it’s a familiar quirk of the game to many.

I’ve seen some video of it, and it looks pretty good…but like all things Tropico, I think I’ll wait for the complete, discounted version, rather than putting up with the dozen or so overpriced DLCs.

Isn’t this version supposed to have an iOS edition? Cautiously optimistic that can be done well.

Found this:

So I found this, but a look at the App store doesn’t show that it’s actually for sale.

I just watched the advert on Steam and I gotta say, the guy they hired to play El Presidente sets a new bar for “shitty borderline racist caricature with a terrible indistinct accent”.

Seriously, he’s so bad and the dialogue is so atrocious, I’m re-thinking giving these folks any money.