Trouble after upgrading direct X

Ok after upgrading direct X on my windowsME box i hit the button to restart,now when i boot i get the message bot ide not found and the search bar hangs at 2%.

Anyone got an idea? I know i can just reinstall windows but i really don’t want to lose all my files :frowning:

IDE not found eh? Make sure the connections are all good the hard drive(s) and cdrom (dvd, etc) are connected too. Is there any more to the message box that comes up? It might trying to point to a system partition from boot.ini that isn’t correct.

All connections seem fine.
What could i do about system partition from boot.ini that isn’t correct?

And thanks :slight_smile:

What search bar? A search bar that hangs? What are you talking about?

If you are able to use a boot disk to load, then use it then find boot.ini under the main partition (I would assume your C: drive). It’s a hidden system file so you will have to view all files and folders. Once you open boot.ini just make sure that it points to the correct folder from which to load Windows.

p.s. Make a backup copy of boot.ini before you start making any changes to it.

You might try to access the Direct X dialog applet if you can get the machine to boot at all. May have to go to Safe Mode. From the Run dialog box type dxdiag and run through the information presented there. It may tell you if there is a problem with your installation. This is on an XP machine but should work with ME. Does ME have the System Restore function? I’m with TBone2 about the search bar question.