Trouble downloading Amazon MP3 purchase

I recently bought an album on Amazon, but it doesn’t automatically download to my computer (and then to Itunes) like it’s supposed to. i never used to do anything- it would just download. So I read around and then open “Amazon Cloud Player”. I check all the tracks, which then lets me click on “download”. The tab in the toolbar goes from “Amazon Cloud Player” to “connecting…” with the little spinning thing. It spins for about 2 seconds, then stops. Nothing gets downloaded.
Mostly I’m venting here, but am curious if others had had similar recent experiences with Amazon. Shucks, for all I know, it’s Hurricane Sandy’s fault.

I’m not sure if they’ve changed something recently or not (I don’t buy from Amazon often enough to have noticed), but the best way to download more than one item from them is the MP3 Downloader - otherwise you can only download one song at a time from the Cloud Player. You can set your Amazon preferences for the downloader to automatically download your purchases, but once the purchase is done, you’ll have to go through the Cloud Player (though you can select up to 500 songs to download at once - the Cloud Player will trigger the downloader to open; sounds like your download attempt hangs when the Cloud Player can’t trigger the Downloader).

One thing I have noticed recently is that the songs do not automatically import into iTunes once the downloader has downloaded them; I’m not sure if that’s something that changed on Amazon’s side or Apple’s. The simplest way around it is to change the download folder destination in Amazon’s Downloader to the “Automatically Add to iTunes” folder, which should be located in your iTunes Media folder (iTunes will notice the songs in that folder and import them automatically into your Library).

Yep, you need that downloader. And don’t “save” the song; open it. Then it will go properly into the downloader and then you can find it in your computer.
I can, anyway.

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Check your popup blocker? :confused: :confused: Edit: I have the downloader installed and use it. I “save” the songs from my Amazon Cloud player. That works just fine, they save to the Amazon MP3 folder for me to find and play later.

Reading this, I just realized there are two different settings that may be in play here. On, there is an option under Your Account in the Digital Content category for Your Amazon MP3 Settings. Clicking that brings you to a page where you can select Your Download Setting to either have your purchases automatically downloaded or not. Independent of that, in the Amazon MP3 Downloader itself, there is a setting under File > Preferences for your Download Folder, which is set to Amazon MP3 by default. There is also an option for what to do when an item finishes downloading - Do Nothing or Add it to iTunes among them.

Now, when I first started buying from Amazon, I had the option on set to automatically download, and the Downloader options to download to the default Amazon MP3 folder, but also import to iTunes when done (which resulted in two copies of the song on my drive). The change I referred to previously was that the Downloader no longer imports successfully to iTunes; the songs will download normally, but will not import to iTunes (the Downloader reports “Import Failed”). Which is why I said to hell with redundancy and simply set the download folder to the “Automatically Add to iTunes” folder instead.

All of which is a (very) long-winded way of wondering if the OP’s songs have successfully downloaded and are sitting in his Amazon MP3 folder (but not iTunes), or if they haven’t downloaded at all.

Maybe not relevant, but I used to use Internet Explorer, until it started corrupting Amazon Kindle book downloads. It would rename .azw files to .azw[1] – and corrupting the files’ content, too (simply renaming them didn’t recover functionality.) Switched to Firefox, problem disappeared.

Why the hell should this be? I can’t believe Microsoft is stupid…