Trouble sleeping in artificial light?

Probably a strange question.

I managed to fall asleep with the lights on, and I’m suffering for it this morning.

Now I often sleep in the day, with natural daylight seeping into the room, often making it as bright or brighter than a light bulb being on. However, I suffer no ill effect from this.

However, when I sleep with the lights on, I wake up groggy, with a headache, not well rested, and sometimes some other problems - tonight I went through the first episode of sleep paralysis that I recall in a long time.

It’s not a matter of the light shining directly onto to me, as I was sleeping facing away from the light.

I can only guess that it’s based on my biological clock - in the day, the sun/light is expected, and at night, it’s not, but I have no idea why these things happen to me.

Any ideas?

I think you’re correct, if I’m understanding correctly. This is just a WAG based on my experience, but it’s less disruptive to the body body to nap during normal waking hours than to be awakened during normal sleeping hours.

If what you’ve done is slept through the night with lights on, you’ve probably disrupted the most important sleep period more than you know. Thus, you get poor quality of sleep and you feel crappy the next day.

Now if anybody can tell me why my sleep debt for a late-nighter comes not the following day but the day after, that would be a mystery I’d appreciate solving.

Funny, I’m completely the opposite. I tend to sleep with a light on at night, but if I sleep during the day, I tend to wake up feeling almost hungover - groggy, cottonmouthed and sluggish.