Truck drivers. Well, one in particular.

This is for the stupid truck driver who fell asleep at the wheel while driving under the influence of drugs on the interstate and tipped his rig over onto the pickup of a man who is like a father to me.

The trucker came away with a broken arm and a few scratches. :mad:

It took them two hours to pull my daddy out of the wreckage. Three days later, he woke up in the hospital missing his left arm from the elbow down and his right leg from just below the knee down. The accident was 3 weeks ago. The good news is that he’s healing better than the doctors ever thought he would.

As for the waste of flesh that is the trucker: May you rot in a hole in a cave with a thousand maggots infesting your brain while vultures peck out your eyes and dig their claws into your liver, and may bears eat your legs while you’re still alive and screaming for help, and may I be outside that cave relishing in the joy that your screams will bring.

It’s not enough that your worthless chunk of excrement self is sitting in prison for the variety of drugs the police found in your truck. You need to be gang raped on an hourly basis by ten or twelve 7-foot-tall horny bikers.

Cross your fingers that I never see you on the street, you son of a bitch.

Yep. People like that need to pay. And he will, for a long time. But all the same, accidents happen. People get caught up in accidents all the time. Rather than waste your time with thoughts of vengeance which you will never have, may I respectfully submit that your attention needs to be on the person you care about? All the hate in the woirld will not give him his limbs back, but some support will go a long way in adjusting him to his new ones.

Oh I am, I just had to get that out.

We’ve been on the phone almost every day since he got out of the hospital, and on YIM when he feels like sitting up for a while (he’s in Nebraska, I’m in Kansas). This guy’s been there with me through so much shit, and I’m with him in this every step of the way.

“You need to be gang raped on an hourly basis by ten or twelve 7-foot-tall horny bikers.”


I can’t stand this ongoing meme.

Rape is not a humane punishment.

goddamned smileys


I’m just guessing from context, but I don’t think “humane” was weighing terribly on her mind when she wrote that…

Well, obviously.

But every time somebody does something heinous, people wish they get raped in prison.

It ain’t funny, and it ain’t cool.

Try this on for size.

Ok then, instead of rape, I wish someone would drop a semi on him and see if he likes it. See if he likes it when someone chops an arm and a leg off him. Eye for an eye. Whatever.

I got it out of my system…almost, and now I’m focusing on helping my daddy pick up the pieces and work with what he has left. He’s gonna play his guitar again someday.

Accidents may happen, but this was no accident. That driver deliberately took drugs, then got into his rig and drove off. Wouldn’t this be, at the very least, involuntary manslaughter?

My thoughts are with your daddy, Spongemom, and I second the wish for prison rape. Preferably on tape, so you can watch the scumbag be transformed into a bitch. You don’t need to back off that at all.
I don’t really understand the people who whine and cry that prison rape is inhumane and that it is inappropiate to wish that form of cruelty on anyone. Those people can bite my dick. If wishing a violent, painful, dehumanizing, tortorous experience on someone who has earned your scorn and derision makes you feel better, then let the whiney little fucks say “that’s not cool” and you and I can wish prison rape on them as well.

Thanks, Spongemom.

I now agree wholeheartedly.

Best of luck to you and yours.

Uh… parthenokinesis.

Fuck you, cunt. I hope you get raped too.

But, that’s not cool. {sob}

Listen you slag-faced, holier-than-thou, hypocritical, washed out recruit for the thought police, Spongemom is obviously upset, concerned for her daddy whose life has been changed forever by this asshat of a trucker and is quite naturally and rightfully enraged at the fucknut. She comes here to rant, getting some of her feelings out of her head, and maybe get a little support. So what do you do? You shit on her thread, chastize her for having bad thoughts, like that is some kind of real action. You don’t like prison rape? Go volunteer or donate or write a letter to the editor. Don’t jump someone’s shit for using a fucking metaphor, you pedantic blowhard.

Take a step back and you know what you’ll see? You’re the cunt. And I hope you lock your keys in your car, while it’s running, parked on a hill, that ends in a pier. And then I hope your parking brake fails. 3:) <===asshat smiley

[Obscure Doc Holliday (Kilmer) Type Quote]

You’re Hipocrisy knows no bounds.

[/Obscure Doc Holliday (Kilmer) Type Quote]

I’m pretty sure I didn’t “jump her shit”.

And I don’t think I’m a hypocrite, either. The truck driver should probably get a truck dropped on him, like she said in the followup.

You, however, suggest I should get raped for merely saying prison rape is wrong.


BTW, we should both… uh all three now… let it drop now so as not to further hijack her thread

Looked to me like Eleusis was making a point and didn’t really hope that parthenokinesis would get raped.

The soon-to-occur pile-on of Eleusis will be by those who missed his (or her) point that it’s inappropriate punishment. You might have noticed that parthenokinesis not only said that it’s appropriate punishment but also the very punishment Eleusis deserves for merely mentioning that rape is not an appropriate punishment.

Yeah, thanks Monty.

Anybody wanting to further the prison rape shit, just start a new thread and pit me, okay?

Only if the other person dies.

parthenokinesis, you’re not allowed to wish death on other posters. Don’t do it again.