True Blood - 6-1 "Who Are You, Really"

I’m still laughing from when they decided to do a “Target Run” while burning their prison jumpers and the next scene is all the Vamps playing yard games dressed head to toe in Target outfits.

Is or isn’t, at least we got to see his quite cute package

Sometimes I just can’t believe I can possibly still be watching this show. And then I sit down and watch some more.

The wrap-up on the whole Warlow storyline seemed really weak to me. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I’m pretty sure I wanted more than that.

Stupid show, but I keep watching.

That really felt like a season finale that had to do double duty as a series finale.
As for the spoiler above:

That also feels like a “we don’t know if the actor will be back” bit of writing. If he isn’t, he’s dead. If he is returning then easy enough for him to have burrowed deep enough in the snow to have survived (and then I like to think he’s far enough north that he has to wait four months for the sun to set).

Somewhere else, perhaps the Onion AV Club suggested

that as Eric burned up, he melted the snow below himself, fell into the puddle that resulted and thereby got out of the sun. But I’m not sure that’s enough. Does being under water count as being below ground? Wouldn’t he need to be underground, not just under water? I suppose he will stop burning up under water but I thought they needed to be under ground to heal.

And do we really need spoiler boxes for this, given that the show already aired?

I don’t think spoiler tags are necessary, it’s been a few days. I’ve been assuming there might be some kind of crevasse or ice cave. Or just Pam ex machina

that last part - she was out looking for him - slowly apparently.

ETA - and Sookie got a pup!

I actually kind of liked this season, until the last couple of episodes. The long funeral scene in the 2nd to last show was beyond painful to watch. I agree with someone else that the Warlow wrap up was very weak. Actually it was more than the wrap up, he spent the last 6 or so episodes in fairy land doing pretty much nothing.

I can’t believe they

Killed off Eric.

I mean who does that? He was the most fun character on the show. I demand he be resurrected in some horribly contrived manner, this can not stand.

Screw it. I’m not using spoiler tags for this.

Anyhow, I don’t believe Eric is dead. The character is far too interesting to kill off. Anyhow, aside from the idea of his possible demise, I was amused at the scene. I mean, basically, he was just lying on a chaise longue, reading a book. But he was doing it on top of a snow-covered mountaintop, completely naked. (Presumably he didn’t need to worry about skin cancer.)

And apparently zombie vampires are going to be the big antagonist in the next season. And it seems likely that Sarah Newlin will return.

I wouldn’t worry, the showrunner says that Eric will be back.

I knew that Eric was too good and that they wouldn’t really be killing him off like that. They could kill off Sookie or Bill (or plenty of the other characters) and a lot of people would be happy, but if they killed off Eric, I’m pretty sure a lot of the audience would stop watching.

True Blood has just gone off the rails. I watched all the episodes this year but really after the first two episodes I was done with the show. The rest of the season just confirmed it for me. There is no “fun” in the show anymore and it seems the writers decided to take all the remaining major characters and make them as unlikable as possible. Oh, and let’s kill off the only TWO really likable characters left…

I won’t be watching the show again. Done.

Well, I was pretty pissed off about the Eric scene. I shouted at my television: “The one goddamn character I like, I finally get to see him naked – full frontal no less – and you kill him off? FUCK YOU, True Blood. Fuck you and your mom’s ass.”

Then I read the link that **Sam Lowry **posted and decided I will give True Blood another chance only if they bring him back. Otherwise, that show can go suck itself dry.

I am so grossly disappointed by this season I can hardly put it into words. It was like a whole other show altogether, using the same actors. All of it was slow. Talky. Unfunny. Pointless. Things just went nowhere - Bill turned into Lilith last season and what happened? He became plain old mopey Bill, only able to walk in the daylight. The governor, a hissable villain? - got offed, end of story. The fairy daughters? killed, except one they kept around for no particular reason except they needed her powerz at the end. Sookie? Dull. Pam? Dull. Tara/Sam/Werewolves/Luna’s kid/Alcide? Dull. Nothing outrageous (like Nubian Airlines and hotel rooms with vampire porn on the TV). Nothing hilarious and outrageous (like Eric interrupting the highlighting being done on his hair to kill a human in his dungeon). Things started, and then just left there, and I didn’t care about them anyway. That was the big finale? “Zombie vampires?” WTF! A terribly disappointing finale to a dreadfully awful season. I don’t know why I keep reading good reviews.

I have to say, Anna Paquin looked in excellent shape after having twins, did they put her into a temporary coma and feed her on an IV drip for a month to get rid of her baby weight?

I think next season is the last, isn’t it? I just know Eric will be back, and that’s the main reason I’ll watch. I can’t NOT watch next year, but as I said, it was like a whole different TV show altogether from what it was. (and unless I really looked, there was little or no discussion about this season’s show on the usual sites - Salon, Slate, TV Guide - Straight Dope!)

Someone explain “zombie vampires” to me? First of all, the phrase makes no sense. Secondly, I didn’t see any zombie vampires. What I saw was Hep-V infected vampires closing in on the party at Not-Merlottes. The same Hep-V vampires referenced in the preceding scenes where we learn packs of Hep-V vampires are roving the land infecting vampires and are now are a risk to all vampire kind.

So where does this “zombie” bit come from??

The HepV-infected vampires appeared to behave like the zombies we’ve seen in movies and TV shows. I don’t think that was an accident.

They also just had a church meeting where they said hep-vamps weren’t as strong as clean vamps, so I don’t see how they’re particularly threatening, especially when approaching a potluck full of clean vamps.

Now to a random person wandering the woods, yeah, they’d be pretty fuckin scary, but given how many supes are hangin around Bon Temps, you wander the woods and you just askin for it.

My wife and I just got up to Season Six binge watching on iTunes (and we haven’t gotten into that yet), and I have to say I don’t understand the dislike for the show. I agree it’s dropped a notch or two on the shock meter, but I guess there’s only so far you can go with it I guess.

I’ve looked at the show as a combination of shock and social commentary (which some funny bits thrown in) and so far I’ve not been disappointing.

My biggest beef with it is picking out where they’ve cribbed bits of other vampire world building from other places and appropriated it as their own. There’s been a few times where I’ve wondered if they just have the complete Anne Rice collection in the writers room.

Yep, I figured. All he has to do is quickly bury himself in the snow.

Ha, I didn’t hear the bit about the target run. My wife and I were wondering where the clothes came from.