True Blood - 6-1 "Who Are You, Really"

…nothing?..I thought it was a good episode picking up from last season.

I liked it.

The governor looks like he’ll be a good character. I like how he outright states “I’m not the Big Bad.”

Wow, they dispatched Luna in a hurry! No great loss, though, storywise.

I’m glad Nora is still around. I liked Pam’s reaction to her. However, I don’t really like Pam being all mopey like she was most of this episode.

Jason is still a dumbass.

Alcide is the man! I liked how whatshername asserted herself as his “number 1 bitch, and don’t you forget it.”

I wonder if the storyline with Andy’s daughters will actually be significant to the overall plot? Probably not.

Not sure what to make of “Billith” yet.

Marlowe was pretty cool, because Rutger Hauer is cool.

I think the show is just so past its sell by date that there’s not a lot of excitement anymore, especially after Game of Thrones.

Loved the name “Billith”.

It’s hard to vilify the Governor when everything he said about vamps is true.

Was Steve Newlin killed last season or is he still out there somewhere?

Since Bill can’t be staked, any idea what his weakness will be?

To use an old expression, Rutger Hauer’s “got a face that looks like it’s worn out three bodies”.

I loved it and though it was just the right mix of OMG moments and hilarity. I think some people take the show way too seriously.

Jason and his paramilitary training just kills me. Eric watches Dance Moms. I thought Bill was going to whip out a copy of Goodnight Moon and start reading Jessica a bedtime story. Bill loves his little girl. Jessica loves her daddy. Sookie didn’t blink when she staked Bill. Sookie does not love Bill, but she sure does love Eric.

The Governor is up to no good. Weapons testing on supes?

Yes, weapons testing is coming up.

I thought it was anti-climactic, whatever it is Bill is now manifesting as regular old polite Bill. Maybe Lillith comes and goes, as at the end there were three of them and they apparently took over Bill’s body?

I am sick of the werewolves, and I do not buy Pam and Tara as a couple. At all. Ew. No!

Was that actually ‘Marlowe’ driving Eric in the car at the end?

There’s a spoiler on imdb.

20 minutes into the episode and I found myself feeling the same thing I felt at about the mid-point of last season - total apathy. I just didn’t care anymore about what happened in this episode or what happens over the rest of this season. I’ll probably still watch as my wife does enjoy the show although she is growing restless as well.

On the positive side:

Rutger Hauer
Two hot naked chicks making out.
Lafayette dressed in his grandma’s sweater with a scarf on his head.

On the negative side:

Whining butt-hurt Pam should never, ever exist.
A “Governor” character? Really?
Tara still exists.
Andy’s babies… great, more freaky babies cause we’ve not done that enough already.
Everything else shown, implied, or foreshadowed.


I agree, it was weird how it was absolute mayhem with Bill being resurrected, then Bill seeming relatively normal later on. Obviously he won’t be normal, but still it was anti-climatic.

I am also a little tired of the werewolves. I like Alcide, but I think he’s better as a supporting character in other storylines, not with his own storyline about the werewolf pack. Same with Andy, I don’t mind him as a character, but would rather him be a supporting character/comic relief in other people’s plots, not with his own fairy baby plot.

But overall I thought it was a fun start to a new season. True Blood isn’t as good as it used to be, but it’s something I’ll halfway watch and turn my full attention to when a character I like is on screen. Or when there’s some good nudity or violence.

Three rapidly-growing Fae children in a story that features vampires alternately fearing them or desiring them(as food)? Gotta think they’re involved somehow.

This episode was kinda meh. I was surprised when it ended, because it hadn’t really taken off.

In the last episode of the last season it looked like fairy blood made normal vampires temporarily resistant to getting staked, maybe it has the opposite effect on vamps that are unstakeable by default.

I also get the feeling that the governor is gonna try and poison the true blood at the factory with HEP-V or VAIDS or something.

Didn’t he run away in horror when Russell got popped not to be seen after that?

100% agree.

I hope they don’t try too many storylines at once this season, which has been my only complaint with the show in the past. Every character doesn’t need an active storyline. I like Terry and Arlene a lot, but keep them just support characters with whatever mess Andy has himself into and around Merlott’s.

I also could do without the governor-gets-into-brewing business. There’s enough drama between vampires and humans without putting more fuel on that fire. The vampires have super strength, fangs, and glamoring while the humans have wooden bullets and sunshine, let’s not add more to it with more characters to get to know and whatnot.

I think it’s entirely in character for Pam to be jealous over Eric. She’s always been fiercely loyal to him, but she seemed to start getting jealous in season 4 when Eric was putting himself at risk to save Sookie from the witch. Her jealousy led to one of my favorite descriptions of Sookie as “that gash in a sundress.” She cried at Fangtasia over it and that strange little cracky looking woman who worked there comforted her. She made the deal to turn Tara because she was so upset he wasn’t talking to her that she turned Tara for Sookie if Sookie would get Eric to talk to her again. I get the impression she’s always been used to being #1 to him so she’s angry that yet another woman (Nora) is getting his attention.

I loved that Jason said he felt like “that little gay kid in the ‘I see dead people’ movie” and that his parents have gotten a lot more racist since they died and went to heaven.

Good episode. I thought Stephen Moyer did a good job directing.

That’s Ginger, who had one of the funniest scenes ever on the show. When Marnie cast the spell that made all the vamps try and go into the daylight and Pam was locked in her fabulous pink coffin, Crystal rode that thing like she was in a rodeo to make sure Pam stayed in it.

Ah yes, Ginger! I love how she’s always so shrieky. I remember that scene. It was funny and pretty sweet at the same time.

Three or Four? I thought four. Anyway, I totally called their rapid development. Anyone else?

I want this to be the Ginger and Pam Show. Forever. But Steve Newlin can come visit sometimes.

I don’t have HBO, so I usually watch the show at a friend’s house with a large group. I would say at this point, eighty percent of the room has given up. I feel like it’s the best trainwreck on television.

It was a fun episode. I’ve enjoyed every season of this show. Now, and then a storyline will annoy me, but pretty quickly something else gets picked up, so that is ok. It has never been the best show on TV, but it has always kept my attention.

I thought the scene were Andy’s 4 kids showed up at his couchside was just hilarious. It will be fun to watch where that goes.

I don’t think I care for a demented bad Alcide, as much as the nice guy from the previous season. We’ll see where that goes.

Tara’s nurturing nature seemed to pop out of nowhere.

I agree with Sleeps With Butterflies. The governor subplot is one of those ones that I will fast forward through in my brain, to get to the fun stuff.

One of the fun things about True Blood is that they usually end every episode with a WTF moment, and then jump right into the credits. This episode played with that, because there was at least 3 moments that could have led to the credits rather easily. (Toddlers at couchside, marlowe revealing himself, and Bill being turned)

I’m looking forward to seeing where this season goes.

Could be four. Can’t remember, but yeah, considering they were conceived then born in a matter of days, I thought that would happen as well.

Did the show or someone here reference cuckoo birds last season? I seem to recall someone talking about cuckoo birds.

The best part was Alcide’s ass :smiley:

I thought Marlowe sounded wrong. I looked it up on IMDB and I was right. The name is “Warlow”, not Marlowe.


Is this really the only True Blood thread for all season? Search isn’t turning up any others.

Anyway big spoiler if you haven’t seen the season finale

[spoiler]seriously don’t click this one until you see the finale[spoiler]ERIC

[/spoiler]Also, Sam’s the mayor now? How the fuck did THAT happen? Must’ve been an interesting 6 months…[/spoiler]