Truly Bad People, God's Grist Mill May Grind Slow But...

Here is an obituary that may persuade you that there are people in the world who are worse than the usual suspects that show up on windbag radio/TV, if only by a matter of degree.

Eh. This guy seems like an upstanding citizen compared to some of the criminals I read about. Not seeing the outrage here.

Wait, Woody Harrelson’s dad was an assassin?


Yeah, a bad guy, but you act as if he was Jeffery Dahmer or Charles Manson.

Yep. He was also a darling of the JFK conspiracy theorists who believed he was one of the “three hobos”.

Somebody on the board at one point (don’t remember who or if they’re still here) knew Woody Harrelson in college. I asked if he talked about his dad and they said he told people his father was dead. He did pay for attorneys to reevaluate his dad’s conviction, however. (Must have been odd for him playing an assassin in the movie No Country for Old Men.)

“He was a dropout, no-goodnik and a gambler,” said Gary Cartwright, an editor at Texas Monthly…

He was very, very bad…