Trum and China question.

Color me confused.

Trump gets a 500 million dollar boost from China and an electronics manufacturer (can’t place the name ‘TZE’ something like that).

And then he slaps China with 50 billion in tariff’s? Isn’t’ that very likely to really, really piss China off?

This is I guess the ‘Art of the Deal’. Sort of like borrowing your neighbors lawnmower and then shooting his dog.

I’m hardly anyone that knows international finance. I dabbled in commodities, until my heart couldn’t take it any more. That’s scary shit.

But. What. The. Hell?

He is just a bully that will ‘borrow’ your bike and then never return it. That I know.
But does anyone think Trump and China has some sort of deal going on here? WTF?

I suspect that Trump will be LONG dead before all of his shady deals come to light. That, I think is what is going on. He is in an odd way like a serial killer that just moves on from town to town. How many trials will this take?

I only want one. Treason. That is clear enough.

China gave trademarks to Ivanka and loaned money to fund a Trump project. Trump responded by bailing out the Chinese company ZTE.

Its probably bribery, but we need a legitimate investigation.

There are going to be sooooo many investigations into Trump, his family, his cronies and his administration. We will be finding dirt for decades to come.

Mueller is just the start. Hell Mueller wasn’t even the start, he just took over an FBI investigation (and supposedly a NY AG and Virginia federal court investigation) that had been going on for at least a year before Mueller was appointed.

The best part is there are several agencies that can do investigations. The IRS is now starting an investigation into Trump’s charity after the NY AG found evidence of crimes there, but didn’t have jurisdiction. There are a wide range of federal, state and local agencies that can investigate Trump and his cronies. Plus if the dems win congress we can get investigations there too. Good times ahead. Plus if the dems win in 2020 they can appoint a slew of new special counsels to investigate Trump thoroughly.

If we don’t get him now, I hope he has to sit in court for the rest of his life. Bring a butt pillow trump, you’re gonna need it.

And then all those that he owes money to can go after his estate. For whatever the hell that is worth.

And also go after any monies in the trump universe that is attached to his kids. Jail great. Or dirt poor. None of them know how to make a cheese sandwich.

Corruption is not skin deep.

Kind of interesting that Tiffany has managed to stay out of this mess. I suspect she’s just living off Daddy’s dollars, but may be the smartest one of the whole clan.

And then we have gold digger Melania. A mile above Trump in ability it seems. She at least seems to no when to keep her mouth shut. I have to wonder how many lawyers she has.

If he runs true to form, his major hotel development China is backing, in Indonesia, will end with him walking to the bank and them being left bankrupt !

They no doubt believe that a bribe buys his loyalty. Boy won’t they be surprised to discover they’re not so much partners as marks!

Hope he knows a good place to hide from the Chinese, as they seem to go anywhere and snatch whomever they want, to put on trial in China. Or worse.

Perhaps Trump is the mark. They will hold this over his head and get plenty from the President of the US.

It is safe to say that if the battle is between Trump vs. China’s business and political elite, that Trump is going to be the one getting screwed over. I have 0 faith in that moron to win against the best and brightest in China.

Who knows what all happened, but I’m sure the Chinese are the ones getting the prize in their dealings with Trump.

Our country is so fucked.

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Or as G Gordon Liddy mimed “In the battle of the wits, gentlemen, you are unarmed.”
Chinese have been prepared for a showdown ever since they started opening to the West with Deng Xiaoping in the late 1970’s. And every year China has developed a stronger hand and better plan than the previous year. And maybe even have held more than a few “what if” scenario discussions with Western Europe.

trump decided on an ad hoc trade war with a slapped together strategy and gets a surgical strike back. For example, Europe, not China, can torpedo Kentucky burbon industry. China can easily order airbus instead of boeing.

For example:
Last year, China imported $12.8 million worth of U.S. spirits. Nearly $9 million of that total was whiskey, according to figures provided by the Distilled Spirits Council, a trade association representing the liquor industry.

Meanwhile, the EU imported $789 million worth of U.S. spirits in 2017. Bourbon, Tennessee whiskey and rye whiskey accounted for 85 percent of the American spirits exported to the EU, according to figures from the American Craft Spirits Association

*I will grant that China hasn’t adhered to WTO and other previous agreements. That said, blunt tariffs and a trade war are not the effective way to pull China into following international trade rules.