Trump administration considered releasing illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities

While this is, obviously, a Trump political ploy, it seemed rather ironic for Democrats to condemn the proposal. Sanctuary cities, by definition, are there to offer sanctuary. This would be like a pro-life adoption center complaining about pro-choicers directing pregnant women to bring their unwanted babies to the center for adoption.

That’s yet another misunderstanding of the purpose of “sanctuary city” policies. But the Trump administration thanks you for buying into their consistent and intentional misrepresentation of the concept.

Sounds like wins all around except for Dem pols.

What is the purpose of sanctuary cities? I thought I was deeply in favor of the concept but maybe I misunderstood.

No it wouldn’t. It would be more like someone complaining that human beings were being treated by a racist fuck as political bombs.

I don’t see what the Democrats are objecting to. They believe that illegal immigrants are no more likely to commit crimes than native born citizens, that it is morally wrong to assist the federal government in deporting them, and that immigrants seeking asylum should be allowed to do so within the US. Now all of a sudden they don’t want these decent, hard-working, law-abiding people in their own cities where the local government can refrain from acting immorally. Sounds like a win-win-win for them, if they really think that.


Do you object to this, or more obfuscating and pretending your party is still the party it was before Trump?

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“Leaders of sanctuary cities say they want to reduce fear of deportation and possible family break-up among people who are in the country illegally, so that such people will be more willing to report crimes, use health and social services, and enroll their children in school.” (bolding mine)

These policies help prevent/minimize shadowy ghettos full of people terrified to cooperate with police and other legitimate officials in the normal day-to-day operations of society. For example, rapists would love to have a sub-population scared to report crimes to the police – great targets who they can victimize again and again with little fear of their crimes being reported.

To go back to abortion as an analogy, there’s always a big difference between what one party says they want and what they actually want. Many pro-lifers will say that “pregnant women ought to carry their babies to term and give up for adoption rather than aborting,” but if they actually saw such a thing come to fruition, they probably wouldn’t like what they saw.

You do realize that if people are “released” from custody, they don’t need “sanctuary” anymore.

They would be brought to those cities with the purpose of overwhelming the services available with large numbers, ensuring that the maximum number of people are harmed in the process. All in an effort to punish people who disagree with Trump’s infantile immigration policy.

Oh, and the immigrants? Who gives a blind fuck what happens to them? We’ll use them and their suffering as weapons to hurt our political opponents.

Maybe the idea of treating desperate men, women, and children like political pawns? That’s what I object to. I generally think we should treat human beings with dignity. YMMV.


Ok so it is exactly what I thought it was. What is the problem with taking migrants there?

Ask Trump. It was his plan.

Does it matter that the plan is stupid and his own administration told him so? Or does it matter that the President dreams up stupid plans that he imagines will harm those who didn’t vote for him?

I would be totally, 100% happy with more migrants who are applying for asylum coming here to DC.

However, the idea of people who have fled horrible violence being treated like pariahs is deeply offensive, and further evidence that Trump has a severe personality disorder that approaches psychopathy.

Yeah that aspect is unsavory. But I think they would prefer to be free in these cities than locked up like Trump does or deported like Obama would have done, but I can’t be sure without asking them.

By the way, did you read your cite? Based on your post, I’m pretty sure you did not. Might want to do that once in a while.

Will the Dem House forward such a pro-migrant proposal now that they know Trump is up for it?

Currently, they are being detained in jails and the like. Is that better somehow?

No, but there are other options aside from treating desperate people like crap.