Trump being pro-Democrat/anti-Republican

A video of sound-bites of Trump being pro-Democrat/anti-Republican

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See also the menu items (health care, immigration, etc)

Trump didn’t really become Republican until Michael Bloomberg (another Democrat from NYC) became mayor by running as a Republican. In the end he might be good for America any of the other Republican candidates will focus on abortions and gay marriage while America burns.

Trump already did say that his positions have “evolved”, as in he already dumped those ones. As usual I make the comment that he is not putting a “d” at the beginning of that word.

One should really stop this idea that he should not be taken seriously, he is seriously getting closer to people that you would not like to see in any positions of power in America, people like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Sarah Palin, Jean-Marie Le Pen or Putin.

He’s an emocrat? Well, he does have the floppy hair thing going on… :slight_smile:

Well in the sense that all his attraction is on a visceral emotional basis I think emocrat is probably a pretty good descriptor.