Trump Campaign Borrows Anti-Semitic Anti-Hilary Stuff from the Internet - Take 2

And the Trumpers are at it again, using material that came from a far right conspiracy minded website.

The Donald has taken to waving big placards at his rallies; the most recent one has a picture of money and Hilary and alleges that as soon as certain Middle East countries donated to the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State, they got arms deals from the US government.

However, the poster came originally from an anti-Semitic site, and David Duke was promoting links to it on Twitter last month.

The original version had an Israeli flag on the picture of the money, in place of the Treasury seal.

The Trumpers, obviously having learnt their lesson about using anti-semitic materials, just replaced the Israeli flag with a treasury seal. There, that’ll fix it!

The fact that anyone with a bit of net-savvy could find the original on-line, complete with David Duke’s endorsement, doesn’t seem to have occurred to them.

It seems pretty clear that someone in the Trump campaign is regularly checking out anti-semitic web-sites and thinks their materials can be used by the candidate.

Donald Trump used another Star of David image from fringe website while campaigning against Hillary Clinton

“I only browse the best websites. The smartest websites there are. David Duke - I don’t know anything about him, OK? And he endorsed me, very smart guy, my followers are very excited about me - but the thing is, the thing is, the media is very against me. They’re against me, and I’d be winning right now if they weren’t saying these very dishonest things about me.”

Trump’s playing to the lowest common denominator. Unfortunately, there’s quite a lot of lowest common demonstrators in the US these days who only hear (or understand?) Trump’s catch phrases. “Hillary wants to take your guns” resonates in their minds regardless of whether there’s an example of such a desire on Hillary’s part. These people don’t have the least desire to prove their messiah wrong by searching the obviously rigged and biased media for the obviously rigged and bias truths the media are conspiring to misrepresent. Pictures are great tools when dealing with these LCDs.

Archie Bunker has a big, big family.

It also shows how Trump really did not learn anything from the past incident.

The campaign has been described as a dumpster fire and this shows, even right now, that there is little to no professional graphical artists in his staff, or he is using only incompetent ones that are just telephoning it in. Just like Trump is.

Yes, just phoning it in, after surfing anti-Semitic websites.

I just wanted to address this point, not the source of it.

I worked in the sales of military equipment for 30 years for the US Government, and the only way foreign nations can buy stuff via the US Government is by officially requesting it via a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program. And if the value exceeds $50M (or $14M for Major Defense Equipment), it has to be reported to Congress.

I’ll repeat that because it sounds vaguely important. CONGRESS knows about every major weapons sale and has the right to object/block/raise hell if they so wish. And this includes major sales between US companies and foreign governments, which have to be reported to the US Government. So the idea that the SoS could do a major deal all by herself is…not accurate.

Hell, the data on major arms sales can be found by ANYBODY with access to the web: Here they are: Major Arms Sales | Defense Security Cooperation Agency

They don’t even need to bother with that. Just troll Facebook for images posted by Trumpists.