Trump for New York governor!

The Republicans, in what I can only imagine is some sort of last-ditch effort to completely tank their party, are going to try to draft The Donald to run against Cuomo. You can’t make this sort of comedy gold up. I can already imagine the fake debate on SNL, and am salivating at the prospect of Jon Stewart’s take on this. They really are desperate.

As I am both i) no longer a resident of the State of New York and ii) practically certain that the Donald cannot win in this universe, I’m all for it. Should be entertaining. :slight_smile:

This is satire right?

This could cause a major religious revival in the Democratic Party.

“Oh, Lord, we know we’ve been a bunch of secular humanists for lo these many decades, but if You will just grant us this one prayer…Also, thank You for that whole thing with Christie and the Fort Lee traffic jam. Amen.”

I hope Jimmy McMillan runs again just for the sake of seeing the sparks fly between him and Donald at the debate.

I’d sooner vote for the thing on his head if I didn’t think he was taking orders from it.

Maybe he could rename the place Trumpton.

Or New Trump.
The article ends saying “He’s not a politician.” No, he’s a real estate agent with fake hair. Congratulations, guys.

Are we sure he was born here?

He won’t seriously run. He’ll do a lot of speeches and tweets and press conferences up until the point that he has to formally declare, then he’ll drop out and go back to bulldozing orphanages or whatever he does in his spare time.

Oh, I can’t wait. This is going to be fun.

Please happen.

That’s gold.

Octarine, he’s not a real estate agent, either. All he is any more is a reality TV show star.

All the better-He’ll milk it for all it’s worth, drop out at the last second, and give the Republicans just enough time to find a bozo dumb enough to think she/he has a chance in hell on such short notice.

It’s probably a couple of minor-league officials who have no real power, and Trump probably leaked this story. Anyone who thinks he might really run for office is a chump.

I was channel-surfing and I came upon a 1999 episode of Sex in the City. Trump was in the background of the scene.

That thing on his head hasn’t changed in 15 years! :eek:

A skilled taxidermist can work wonders.

You’ll be smiling on the other side of your face when he’s President Trump.

You mean, on Earth?