Trump over Sanders/shittary (in battle of lesser evils)

Please someone argue what hardcore socialist values and policies put into place could hurt our current power and government as americans. Please convince me why conservative “rich people” are holding onto 1 dollar in their corner crying while Sanders get elected. Educate me on this, I’ve tried to learn about fundamental conservative and republican values back to Alexander Hamilton but I cannot in any logical assumption agree with any republican aside that Hillary has anything to offer to our society, I believe the War on Terrorism can be solved through psychologist, philosophers, and religious leaders. Please someone convince me that one of the two evils ( sanders vs trump) is better, Trump is legitimately more ignorant than any running cannidate in the 20th century from what I’ve heard of.

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Miller don’t get no respect. “Here, Miller, you have it!”

Miller only pawn in game of life.

Miller have very sad life. Probably have very sad death. At least there is symmetry.

Thanks Obama!

Sound like Zathrus quote, but Zathrus not philosopher.

I’m kind of nostalgic for the classic “lesser of two evils” campaign - the 1991 gubernatorial runoff battle in Louisiana between the sleazy ethics-challenged (and later criminally convicted) ex-governor Edwin Edwards, and David Duke.

Best bumper sticker from the campaign: "Vote For the Crook. It’s Important.”

The crook won big (Edwards got 61% of the vote to Duke’s 38%, a margin Clinton is likely to match or exceed over Trump). Nearly half of Edwards voters told pollsters that they thought he was a crook but voted for him anyway.

Should be fun seeing what bumper stickers appear as the 2016 election draws closer.

You mean all these years calling Obama a **SOCIALIST **didn’t sink in and make you quake in terror at the very mention of the word?

Geez, what are you, a free thinker or something?

When you read a sentence fragment like “I cannot in any logical assumption agree with any republican aside that Hillary has anything to offer to our society” I think it’s clear that either the Pit or the cornfield is where this incoherent steaming pile of illiterate excretion belongs.

Let me guess: you started huffing paint today?

Did you not? Did you even watch the results last night?

If you can’t get there with a six pack and a couple of doobs, don’t go.

Drumpf! Da-Drumpf! Drumpf! :smiley:

Dude. Alcohol’s a crutch.

In the Resistance of 2021, it will be our primary form of currency. Better get practicing with your bathtub gin.

Tried that once. Cat went blind. Not allowed to try again.

Crutch my ass, I use it like a Lazyboy