Trump recognises foreign interference in US elections ..

… the upcoming 2018 elections, by China, by placing ads in the Iowa’s Sunday Des Moines Register.

Trump accuses China of ‘attempting to interfere’ with US elections in UN speech

I’d post some critical analysis but my irony chip has just fried.
But you can’t deny, on this topic, at least Trump knows his onions.

Oh, he recognizes the kind that diverts attention from his Russian interests. How amazingly contrived and convenient. And magnanimous, can’t forget that.

Well, he’s lied about every other thing so how am I supposed to trust him now?

I saw this yesterday. I think we’re getting a telegraph about how Republicans plan to proceed in the wake of the mid-term election.

I expect them to fiercely contest every single close race, especially in the Senate. Trump may even attempt to declare the election “illegitimate” due to “Chinese election interference.”

It’s a scary proposition and I don’t even really know what should be done if this happens.

That’s a rather thin edge on a very big wedge, no?

To paraphrase Orwell, all electoral interference is equal, but some electoral interference is more equal than others.

You can’t leave the door ajar and then complain about who’s walking in.

I presume that he’s talking about how they are targeting Trump voters through their tariffs, which is certainly true.

I’m sure that they’re also doing more than that, but I think the obvious explanation for his statement is probably the correct one.

I can’t help noticing that the way they are doing this ‘interference’ is by openly publishing a bunch of, as far as I can see, true (if undoubtedly partisan) information under a big banner clearly labelled as an advertising message from China.

Would that all election interference was as straightforward.

Sure, but when has asserting the outrageous ever been a bar to Trump making such assertions? Worse, if it comes out of his mouth, there are nearly 40% of slavering supporters willing to accept whatever is said as truth from the almighty himself.

And then we’ve got a problem with respect to the validity of the 2018 election results.