Trump’s shot at the next Presidency

When is the US going to elect a president younger than sixty years of age? Like Trump or not, his age is a factor even if he can still draw intersecting shapes (and perform other tasks to exclude dementia). Who would Trump even pick as his VP? Surely not Mike Pence? This role would be so important…

Oh, he can go way beyond drawing shapes. He can repeat, “Person, woman…man, camera, TV.”. That’s amazing! He’s “cognitively there”.


Trump still maintains that he actually won the 2020 election, right? And the only reason he’s not in office is because the election was fraudulent?

How’s he going to be eligible for a third term?

Yeah, yeah

Yes, but he’d take the extra day off by playing golf.

Trump can win the nom, unless he is dead.

He can’t win the general.

at the time he last took the test. But if you repeated it in five years…

I have administered a version of this test to many people. Many of them passed easily and implied the test was easy or stupid. Not a single one of them bragged about passing it.

But did they get all of the answers in order? Because you can get extra points!


Which demographic of the GOP who voted for Trump in 2020 will not do so in the second coming?
Compared to the demographics who voted for Biden but are now suffering buyers regret?

I hope you are right in that he won’t win the general.
I think you have called it way early that he can’t.

My money is on Ivanka

I was gobsmacked that trump actually Bragged about passing an assessment that my Aunt had to do because the care home she was in wanted to determine whether she should be in the locked dementia ward. My Aunt passed the test too, so I guess she’s brilliant, and has all the qualifications necessary to tackle the presidency.

I see what you did there.

Georgia (which Biden won by .2%) and Arizona (Biden by .3%) have enacted new voting laws that will advantage Republicans. Throw in Wisconsin (.6% for Biden) and that’s an EC victory for Trump right there.

Not just pissing them off. He’s completely in their heads. Libs are obsessed about him coming back and their guy hasn’t even been in office one year.

Comparing to Nixon, remember the quote about how those who hate you don’t win.

Democrats are going to be so obsessed about Trump the next 3 years that someone else is going to sneak up on them.

Easy. He didn’t get to do any presidentin’ during his second term, because Biden illegally took over the White House with the assistance of the media and the Deep State™, so it doesn’t count.

In fact, during his first term, he suggested that that shouldn’t count, either, because he was so harassed by Mueller and the lib’ruls that he hardly had a chance to achieve his full potential. I mean, true, he was still the greatest president in history, but think what he could have done if the lib’ruls had stopped bothering him!

Yeah, I think I got all of that right.

Why do you think this logical contradiction would pose any objection in his mind? For what it is worth, even before he lost…sorry, had stolen from him…his second term, he was already stating that he might run for a third term in 2024.

Logic is not Trump’s strong suit, as you might imagine from a guy who ran multiple casinos—a business with a statistically guaranteed gross profit margin—into bankruptcy.


I think it is even beyond this.
They don’t want him to just piss them off- that is just sport. And they don’t just want him living in their heads causing nightmares and making them lose sleep.

They want him to BEAT the liberals. They want him to win. To do things liberals hate, even if they hate them to. They want him to lock down the borders and isolate the country. They want him to pompously disrespect the heads of state of our allies and to repeal Roe V Wade. (Which might actually be his signature accomplishment as POTUS without ever holding office again.) Do you remember when a major FOX News talking point was that he has DONE more in (something like) eighteen months than Obama did in eight years?

Those dipshits that Jordan Klepper interviews at rallies probably think he cured cancer and won the cold war except we will never know because of the deep state. But even run of the mill Republicans (not insiders who are politicians themselves and just go along to raise money and get votes), ordinary GOP voters believe he did more governing and cleaned up more corruption than any other president ever.

They will vote for him, and they still love him, because he has done- and will do, many old fashony things. He hearkens to the mythical time in America when everything was just right in their view.
Despite facts and reality.

Trump in my view is exactly that kid in the Twilight Zone episode. He wields far too much power for such an immature person. He is so young and so naive that he can be easily manipulated, but boy if he gets pissed at you- watch out! That’s what we hate about him, and they love about him: he will use his powers. (Doesn’t matter if he uses them for good or evil- he will USE them, exercise them, wield his powers like a warrior king of old and that is what they see in him. Unfortunately, that is also what we fear about him.)

I can not decide if I want someone else to sneak up on him or not. We know he can be beat, but if he is not- look out! On the other hand a more stable clone might be just as bad and harder to catch in the act. The only thing for sure in 2024 is that the GOP candidate will be an awful person and an evil force if elected. (And an even more awful and evil force if not elected but placed in power through a corrupt certification process which is not out the realm of possibility.)

Off topic: I’ve been reading SMDB for about 17 years, and I think this single fact is about the most nerdy thing I have ever encountered here. Kudos.

Nah. The Democrats are watching Trump because he’s still effectively the head of the Republican party. There isn’t anyone else to rally around. And we know from experience not to underestimate his type like we did before. It doesn’t matter that there is no rational reason to follow him.

It’s not like other Republicans are being ignored. While I will admit that Trump gets talked about more than any individual Republican, he’s not the bulk of who gets talked about anymore. I don’t see any sign that the Dems are not watching the GOP pretty closely.

As for not being able to get Trump out of their heads? That’s not just the libs. It’s the GOP who he has by the balls. They’re spending so much time either bowing down to him or trying to loosen his grip that they can’t do much else.

Now, I’d love to believe that this sort of thing means they can’t win. But we Dems got reminded recently that you don’t assumes these sorts of things. Trump is a conman surrounded by people who want to be conned. There are many willing to engage in doublethink, to believe the party over their own eyes and ears.

I wish I could take credit for coming up with it, but many years ago my Calculus II professor told us about that memorization trick.