Why Trump will be one of the best Presidents ever

The more I ponder who to vote for in the primary, the more I am convinced to vote for Trump. In the general, I would definitely vote for him over the Queen of the Harpies Clinton. But wait? Isn’t he going to destroy America? I don’t think so - in fact he may go down as the best Presidents ever and here’s why. Oh and for the record I am a Republican but nowhere even close to the TeaBagger wing.

  1. Trump is a pragmatist. When you look at his business dealings it is all about the most practical way to solve problems. Hey if he has to file bankruptcy then fine; why not take advantage of the laws if they favor you.

  2. “Trump” is a character; the real Donald will get things done. I’ve heard a few reports that Donald Trump is not at all like the persona he portrays. Yes, in public President Trump will be all bluster and self-aggrandizing but in the day-to-day politicking he will be the deal-maker. A Dem Senate would not be pulling the same stuff with Donald like the Pubs do with Obama. Think more of an LBJ presidency.

  3. Trump is a moderate. If you look at his history, he is probably more of a Democrat than Republican. Wait then why is he spouting off about deporting all Browns and banning Muslims from entering the country? Look at point #1. Trump understands you have to appeal to the TeaBag base to win the primary. I mean my God, his two competitors are Cruz and Rubio. The outsider is Kasich- That more TeaBag than in the Lipton’s factory. Does anyone thin a true moderate Pub like Sandoval (Gov - NV) or Collins (Sen - ME) would have a chance. I predict that upon winning the nomination he will radically veer back to the middle.

  4. Not worried about public image. I don’t think Trump really care what people think of him personally. He doesn’t sit at home crying because no one thinks he’s a nice guy. That could play well when he has to make deals. I can see him being like President Richard Belzer in Groove Tube.

Sure, a Dem Senate would not treat Trump the same way the Rep Senate has treated Obama. Democrats are incapable of such behavior.

I don’t care if his bigoted persona is just an act. There are some things that are so far out of bounds that you should not say and do, even if it’s to temporarily pander to bigots.

He’s a crude vulgarian utterly unschooled in the workings of government. His presidency would be a disaster on a scale that would make George W. Bush look like Lincoln in comparison.

I think parody threads are supposed to go in the Pit.

  1. Trump does whatever gets Trump what he wants. Everything else is secondary. Ask the employees who were lost their jobs whenever he filed one of his bankruptcies- he came out okay, they didn’t.

  2. Although Bugs Bunny is often a write-in candidate, we never elect that wascally wabbit. There’s a word for someone who constantly misrepresents himself to get what he wants, and it’s not the kind of mental aberration we need in the most powerful office in the world.

  3. Our politicians shouldn’t be pandering to the Tea Party- they should be *ignoring *them, in the same way that we try to ignore toddlers who throw temper tantrums.

  4. He might be a nice guy in person. But in public, he’s an asshole.

The OP is absolutely correct, or not. We just don’t know what Trump would actually do as president, but if we looked at how he had conducted business it lines up with the description in the OP. Looking at his brief political career he looks like a different person.

Yes, I too am for Trump, but only because Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho isn’t running.

Actually, though, you think it’s some sort of airtight argument that we should vote for Trump because, in your view, he’s very good at misrepresenting himself?

Also, “Queen of the Harpies”? Really, right out of the gate?

I understand everyone’s shit’s emotional right now. But Trump got a 3 point plan that’s going to fix EVERYTHING:

  1. We’ve got this guy.
  2. He’s got a higher IQ than ANY MAN ALIVE.
  3. He’s going to fix EVERYTHING.

“Past performance does not necessarily predict future results.” - a reminder all funds have to add to their boastings and it should be also a reminder of “evolved” candidates that already told us they have dumped past ideals.


I think he is missing a “d” when he says “evolved”.

When one also looks at the old “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” One should had noticed already what Trump is now when he seeks and gets direct support now from people like Joe Arpaio and Sarah Palling.

It’s true that Trump the character and Trump the real person behind that character are different. So what do we know about the real Trump? Not much, but one thing we do know is that he’s the kind of guy who would present himself as a hateful destroyer as his public character. Is someone who would choose that persona really someone we want as President?

Trump thinks he can run government like a business. His followers think this is a good thing. They are both utterly wrong.

This is what I’d hope is true if Trump actually became President. Even so, that’s not a good thing, because the persona/image is part of the job, and the one that Trump projects does not make America look good.

I thought Trump himself was Queen of the Harpies.

He doesn’t care what the public thinks of him and he’s spent the last 30 years playing a character in public?

Everyone seems to want to slag on HRC for being the most experienced person ever to run for this office. I understand people’s anger and cynicism with ‘business as usual’ politicians ALL being puppets to some rich donor or lobby. But selecting one of the actual 'rich donor’s, accustomed to buying consideration, seems like handing the office to the puppeteer, to me.

Yes, come to think of it . . .

It’s a commentary on how grating her voice is, not her or her politics. Actually I respect her for the dignity with which she handled Bill’s adultery but I don’t respect her reverse carpet-bagging to be Senator of New York.

I think the OP has a point; Trump’s public image and campaign rhetoric so far has been bullshit, in Elwood Blues’ sense of “It wasn’t lies, it was just… bullshit.” Hot air made up for PR purposes, and specifically to garner the Tea Party vote as well as the more angry Republicans, and split the field up in crazy ways. For example, he literally CAN’T repeal Obamacare as President, no matter how much he may want to. And he’s bound to know this himself, but a good chunk of their followers don’t realize what the President can and can’t do, so this sounds like a good idea to them.

In a lot of ways, Trump is the first candidate who really realizes how stupid and ignorant the average American really is, and is aiming for that. His persona is more of a consequence of it than a reflection of the actual man. Even if you start with a million bucks of daddy’s money, you don’t end up as successful as Trump if you’re not smart and savvy.

And as a result, I think that Trump’s smart enough to realize that he’ll eventually have to play ball in order to effectively govern, and that’ll mean that he’ll make deals and be pragmatic.

I suspect that if he ends up as the Republican nominee, we’ll see a change in his persona that counters Hillary Clinton, as she’s who he’s trying to beat now, not Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush. Trump’s not an ideologue, so I don’t think he’ll double down on the Tea Party style super-right wing craziness.

Ted Cruz is really the threat; that guy will end up being veto-crazy and obstructionist and a general pest to the entire world if elected.

In all fairness, I don’t think he asked for their support - they just gave it to him.

How could Trump be a great President if its built on banning people from our shores and just generally riding the tide of fear and hatred of minorities?

Everything you list in the OP is just why he won’t necessarily be horrible, not why he would be good.

As to one of bump’s point, Trump isn’t remotely the first politician to “realize how stupid voters are”. I think it’s like, I believe LSLGuy suggested here before, Trump only intends to be a one termer. So his bullshit is never going to come back and bite him.