Clinton v. Trump: Who would make the better POTUS?

This is not a horserace thread; predictions of election results do not belong here, we have other threads for that. Comments on how the candidates’ campaigns are going, their gaffes and zingers, coups and blunders, do not belong here either, except perhaps insofar as they may shed some light on the topic: Which of the two, Clinton or Trump, would make the better POTUS for the term beginning in 2017? This is a make-your case thread: If you think Clinton/Trump would make the better president, why? This thread is limited to Clinton and Trump; no discussion of a third possibility belongs here. That is why there are only two options on the poll. Let’s keep this focused.

Just stop.

This question doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously. It doesn’t. People who answer it wrong ought to be forced to go back through grade school, Billy Madison style. On one hand we have someone with an incredibly storied and expansive political career, almost uniquely qualified for the job, and on the other we have a racist, shit-flinging howler monkey with delusions of grandeur. I have no respect left for people who think Trump would legitimately be a better POTUS than Clinton, or pretty much anyone else who even looked at politics this side of that crazy old lady who almost got elected to the texas school board.

And nevertheless, here we are. I don’t know how we got here, but here we are. Actually. Trump is going to be the Republican nominee. He is going to be on the ballot in November. I can think of nothing short of assassination that can stop it now. That’s just how it is. And he might actually win – not at all likely, but five months is an eternity in politics. Therefore, we must take the question seriously.

Okay. For the record, state why you think Trump would make the better POTUS.

About the only tepid support of Trump I have heard has been:

“He’ll get good people to run the details side of the presidency”. Even Trump brags “My people are the best”.

Except when he throws them under the bus because They’re people that aren’t so smart

He only hires the best. Except when it’s time to pay them, and then he stiffs them by saying their work was substandard.

In terms of being the president, I can’t see where Trump has anything whatsoever going for him. I mean, I can’t think of one thing.

Economics for the nation? If he runs it like he does his business, he’ll offer bondholders 70 cents on the dollar.

Foreign affairs? He loves Putin and Kim Jong. Other than that, he simply insults our allies (Mexico), or is completely unaware of what goes on in the world (sure, Japan would LOVE to have nuclear weapons)

Security? Sure, he’ll bomb the hell out of whoever is flavor of the month. That’s gonna pay dividends, right?

On Every. Single. Issue, Trump either has no idea whatsoever what is going on, or has made statements that would just make things worse.

Seriously. Name ONE THING that Trump would excel at as president. ONE. THING.

There’s a pretty sizeable minority in Japan that would like to have nuclear weapons, as a defensive measure against China and North Korea. Overall I’d trust modern Japan more with Nuclear weapons than any other current non nuclear power I can think of.

But yeah, Trump is still an imbecile.

Fireside chats.

But not just some boring guy droning on over the radio about depressions and banking and war. No, televised chats with celebrity guests, flashy lights, snazzy music, naked women and co-hosted by Howard Stern. There will be a five-minute “Real Estate and You” segment brought to you by Trump University.

Eventually it will be sponsored by Brawndo, and will air just before “Ow My Balls!”

Trump is quite simply temperamentally unsuited for the any political office other than maybe dictator of a small third-world nation. Despite his rhetoric, he is the very model of crook and liar that he claims to be running against. Lastly, I can’t see any particular benefit or protection of my personal interests that might accrue, were I to vote for him.

Three strikes, yer out.

That might work in theory. But has Trump ever shown a willingness to listen to anyone else when they’re telling him something he doesn’t agree with? Trump could surround himself the finest advisers in America but it’s all meaningless if he ignores their advice and does whatever he wants.

Using the madman theory. Intentionally or not.


Basically the exact same poll but with third party candidates includedand started 3 days ago.

Nixon is very good-looking in the picture on that page, at least for Nixon. And I was alive when Nixon was president.

No, that is a “Who will you vote for?” poll. Not quite the same thing.

“From this day on, the official language of San Marcos will be Swedish. Silence! In addition to that, all citizens will be required to change their underwear every half-hour. Underwear will be worn on the outside so we can check.”

Close enough. The 85%+ that said they’re voting for Clinton in that thread aren’t doing it because Trump would make a better President.

No, but it’s very likely that some Trump supporters, especially those with IQs over 90, know that he would make a worse President overall than HRC, but are voting for him because they don’t want their taxes raised or their businesses regulated.

Hillary has lied too much and isn’t a great campaigner. But she has experience as a U.S. senator and as Secretary of State, and a far, far better temperament than Trump.

Lets see now, acne or smallpox? Cigarette or cyanide? Coffee or meth? Dollar Store shampoo or kerosene?

I don’t like Hillary, just plain don’t. Open to the argument that most of the political moves I object to were authored by Horndog Bill, and I do rather like him. Which is totally unfair but there it is. Maybe she isn’t a step forward, but likely not a step backward and not a step off the ledge.

But I want more than winning. I want the whole leftish spectrum… anyone more liberal than Calvin Coolidge… to give one united pull on the rope. Massacre and mayhem, confusion to our enemies!

I want to see Republican office-losers standing by the freeway entrance holding signs saying “Will Lie For Food”. I want us to bitch slap those pious smarmy goons into next week! Pound their heads into the sand and set their britches on fire!

And the honest conservatives who remain will form a loyal opposition that I can respectfully disagree with. About fucking time!

Well there’s already 4 of them so I’m sure there’s a vast range of reasons they are voting Trump.