Trump voters disqualifying themselves?

How big of a factor could this be on election day?

I could see this being a big deal for all these Trump rally people that are not familiar with the voting process. And then you have the registration factor, it would not surprise me if many Trump supporters go to the polls without being registered.

Heck I just saw Trump talking about people standing in line to vote wearing their Trump hats and gear and he seemed to think it was great! Apparently he’s unaware of the problem.

I suspect that the vast majority of people who go to the polls while wearing “electioneering” shirts or hats or whatever will simply comply with the rules when informed of them, rather than refusing and escalating the conflict until they end up getting arrested. So … I can’t see this being a big deal.

When Trump was talking about people voting multiple times–at the same place–I wondered whether he’d ever actually, personally voted.

Maybe but that may be difficult for some people who don’t want to flip their shirt inside out or go home to change outfits.

It should be noted that “passive electioneering”–voters simply wearing candidate or party shirts, badges, etc.–into polling places, is perfectly legal in many states. You can’t hang around like that, inside or by the door, or start talking to other voters, but you can wait in line, cast your vote, and go.

Then they should have thought of that before going to vote.

Smart voters will know the rules in their state. Here in Texas:

Trump voters?

I hear ya.

Will scream about repression of their rights and lie about seeing people wearing “Hillary For Prez” t-shirts manning the voting booths.

You’d think with all the cell phones, there’d be at least one picture.

Samsung and Apple are part of the global pro-Hillary conspiracy. I mean, duh.

you’d think right?

Yeah, but your not allowed to bring your phone into some (most?) polling places either. No pix = no evidence.

It’s all part of the massive conspiracy to steal the election right out from under the Trumpon’s noses. Or at least that’s what many of them will think.

Where? I know several states have unenforced laws on the books prohibiting photographs of ballots, but I’ve never heard of one where they ban voters from simply possessing a phone in the room.

We had a young lady come to our precinct to vote wearing a McCain sweatshirt. The election judges told her she had to cover it or turn it inside out or something. She chose to just remove it. But she was wearing nothing underneath it.

And she was a healthy, well developed Minnesota girl. Caused quite a stir in the precinct. The young man handing out the ‘privacy folders’ to conceal your ballots looked up at her and got so flustered he forgot the rest of his spiel.

Well, I guess that’s one way to get out the vote…

At least there was no doubt she was “of age”!

Yeah, but this is the sort of down-in-the-weeds stuff that I bet most habitual voters don’t know, let alone people who only sometimes vote. I don’t know what the law is in Maryland about wearing clothing with partisan messages when voting, even though this will be my tenth election here.

Here is a list focusing on the “ballot selfie” idea. Even if own-ballot photography is allowed, phone conversations and photos of other people will nearly always be frowned upon. Nobody will know if you have a silent phone in your pocket, of course, but you’ll typically be told to put it away if you take it out, or turn it off if it rings. If someone gets to the point of having a paper ballot in hand or a touchscreen in front of them, they have already checked in, so if they were to be uncooperative, it certainly could be enforced. My precinct gave one name to police on the first day of early voting, but that guy was both taking pictures and being a loud jerk about the process on general.