Trump Vs. The Boy Scouts: Much Ado About Nothing, or An Embarrassing Mess?

Trump, being the honorary President of the Boy Scouts, spoke at their National Rally this Monday, and right after pledging he wouldn’t talk about the current political climate, he proceeded to do just that in his usual ham-handed manner. He spoke out against Hillary Clinton, Obamacare and all the other things that he rails on during his political rallies, then tried to link his political vision of America with his own twisted version of what the Boy Scouts are supposedly all about(and missing the mark by mile, of course). He even said that Boy Scouts were, of course, America Firsters.
In response the BSA released a statement saying the organization was

Current and former Scouts have said things like “I’m an Eagle Scout. Trump using the 30,000 BoyScouts as his props tonight was a scene out of Triumph of the Will. Shocking abuse of children” and “I’m an Eagle Scout. @realDonaldTrump personifies everything scouting taught me to avoid. Politicizing the Scout #jamboree2017 is sick, wrong
I hope there is an official statement from the BSA condemning what the President did. The BSA is supposed to be non-political in nature-I don’t think they are even supposed to wear their Scout uniforms at political rallies.

What say you?

This would be shameful, if Donald Trump was capable of feeling shame.

This would be a big deal if it were any other President. But with Donald Trump it’s just his usual behavior–so it just doesn’t stick out. For example the previous article I read before reading about this subject was one about speculation that Trump was going to dump Sessions so he could get another Attorney General who would be willing to fire Mueller.

It’s still shameful; many of us still feel ashamed by it. Every day I wake up and feel shame that this pig represents our nation.

I know that he feels no shame, but I’m curious about how the BSA will officially react to this, and how other posters here(especially those who have a background in Scouting) feel about what he did.

Pretty much this. It was, IMO, a highly inappropriate topic for a speech to the Boy Scouts, but looking at Trump, it’s just yet another example of his narcissism and general inappropriateness.

I’m sending back my merit badges. If I can find them. Probably in one of those boxes of stuff my Mom had. Maybe both of them.

Yeah, just making fun of it. Keeps me from screaming. So far, anyway.

It wasn’t just inappropriate for being political. Telling the kids about his friend with a yacht was disgusting. I guess he thinks it’s okay to engage in locker room banter with children.:mad:

Portions of the speech were horrifyingly reminiscent of Adolph Hitler speaking to Hitler Jugend in Triump of the Will.

I hope the Boy Scouts go bankrupt after this fiasco. That speech was disgusting beyond words. That was no place for a partisan speech and certainly no place to imply that you can get a lot of sex if you own a yacht. So we have our own version of the Hitler Youth. Sad.

Agree. This is Trump being Trump.

They haven’t responded officially yet, and they certainly hadn’t vetted his speech beforehand, so I don’t get this animosity towards the BSA.

Yep. Once upon a time not too long ago, a President making a speech that disjointed, oblivious, self-serving and inappropriate would’ve been a humiliating scandal. Now, it’s “hey look, Trump’s being a colossal dick— must be Monday.”

Like this:

Trump also reportedly told active-duty U.S. Navy sailors to support the Republican Party agenda last weekend (at the commissioning ceremonies for the U.S.S. Gerald R. Ford).

However, TPTB should have known how the speech would go.

They did make a wimpy statement that they neither endorse nor condemn the speech. The leaders present did nothing to discourage their scouts from participating in partisan cheering. If they make a sincere apology and say that they won’t be inviting sexual predators to speak again, I’ll change my mind.

Not so sure. Trump has been known to stick to a script on occasion, and BSA certainly had a right to expect him to be given one with some brief, innocuous remarks about the Boy Scout Oath etc. They certainly had a right to expect the President, facing a non-political audience, to act like a damn adult. An opportunity to let the boys have a memory of seeing the President would be hard for them to pass up.

In itself, no big deal.

But it’s another reminder that Trump is a petty, narcissistic asshole who can’t even handle routine Presidential duties without making himself the focus of everything. He couldnt give a simple, routine patriotic speech as ANY other President would have. No, he had to turn the occasion into another whiny, self-pitying rant.

What has Trump done in the last two years that would make that a safe expectation?

Trump lied about the size of his genitals on national TV. That wasn’t a clue that he has no boundaries?