Trump wasn’t always so linguistically challenged. What could explain the change?

I remember the Trump interviews in the 1980’s and 90’s. He was much more articulate. Someone that seemed capable of building Trump Enterprises using seed money from his dad.

The guy we’ve seen the last couple years is very different. He may have more in common with Ronald Reagan than we realized.

There are several quotes from old interviews in this article.

STAT researchers admit that it could also be stress or fatigue. But Trump’s speech patterns have been unusual even at the beginning of the primary.

Surely everyone reading this has noticed by now, that there is widespread and increasing speculation (and it is only speculation) among the commentariat that he has Alzheimer’s.

It may run in the fambly. His father had Alzheimers.

Early stage Alzheimer’s would explain a lot.

It’s easy to forget just how much Trump accomplished in his early years. He’s always courted controversy but he never seemed unstable.

The guy we’re seeing today seems totally out of control. Numerous reports of outbursts towards his White House staff.

I’m concerned if he’ll get through even one term.

That loser got lead poisoning from drinking out of his golden toilet. Sad!

Preexisting condition is not covered!

ISTM his style of speech is deliberate. He’s speaking to a particular audience. One that likes plain simple speech.

He’s senile.

From the study, it could be due to stress, anger, etc.


What did he accomplish? Choosing wealthy parents? He got more money from his father than most people earn in a lifetime. He conned and stole to get what more. His credit was so bad in the US that he had to sell his soul to the Russians to keep his cash flow. He bankrupted several businesses. He lost money on a casino, of all things. If this is success, I’ll take failure.

I’m concerned that he’s going to serve as much as a partial term.

The guy is a moron. He’s too stupid to stop incriminating himself. His utter lack of curiosity of the world around him has made him a laughingstock across the planet. Any “success” he had in the past has been grossly exaggerated.


Advanced syphilis

Someone posted a link in another thread to a list of Donald Trump’s business disasters. It ought to be required reading for anyone still touting him as a successful business man.

There’s a difference, though, between direct speech that is coherent and plain, simple speech that runs around in circles like his does in unscripted situations. It really is odd.

it really could be this or Alzheimer’s disease (I don’t know about “early” onset, he isn’t that young)

what is it with republicans electing men with dementia? is it just because they make good puppets?

I doubt you actually believe this - unless you really aren’t p

aying attention.

yes it should!! he has been a CON man successfully but that was when he was younger and could speak in complete sentences.


OTOH the positive reinforcement he gets for it – both spontaneous (fans) and compelled (people who depend on his favor) does not help. It only reassures him he’s got the best words and thoughts.

No puppet. You’re the puppet.:mad:

/channeling trump

He’s also now being forced to talk about stuff he doesn’t give two shits about. The American People, poor people, inner city people, the economy as it relates to other people, national defense of other people who aren’t him. He not only doesn’t *know *anything about those topics, he also doesn’t *care *about them.

Heck, he doesn’t even care about a fucking wall, and his whole campaign was based on it.

But I agree, as someone posted in another thread, he was always an asshole, but not always such an inarticulate one.

That’s the whole point of this thread. Trump doesn’t use plain simple speech. He rambles all over the place.

A combination of those factors, plus he’s not in his area of expertise. I think he used to prepare better for business, he’s just going off the cuff with everything now, it worked in the election for him and I think he’s convinced he can bullshit his way through anything now.