Trump has the beginning of Alzheimers or Dementia, discuss.

I watched an interesting interview in regards to Trumps mental state, and in light of yet another typo on Twitter with using millions in regards to the tradegy of what happened in Sri Lanka, does he have cognitive decline in the way in which describe in the video or is he just lazy?

It’s not crazy to speculate he is beginning to have a serious condition considering when his father died he was suffering from Alzeheimers, and 80% of all cases of that are hereditary.

If that’s what it takes to turn around the economy…

I do think he has mental issues, and they have ben getting worse. Back in the 80s he was mainly coherent, but lately he has really gotten me worried - I spent the last 15 years watching my mom lose her mind into alzheimers … not pretty.

If you watch old videos of him, you see the difference.

I have no particular expertise in this discipline, but two very large red flags for me were Trump’s recent, repeated use of “oranges” for “origins”, and his mistaken claim that his father was born in Germany. For me, there seems little question that his mind has deteriorated even over the relatively short time since his inauguration.

I see Dr. Gartner mentioned that the combination of a personality disorder, as seems to be the case with Trump, and incipient dementia, is something of a worst-case scenario. I’m not sure I’m expressing this in a totally coherent way, but perhaps the onset of dementia in Trump’s case is not as apparent as it might be to the casual viewer because of the general oddness of Trump’s personality.

I’m not a believer in “five dimensional chess”, but sometimes I think trump says outrageous things deliberately.

Either because he in his own way is making fun of the press, or because he really doesn’t like being president and keeps trying to see how bad he can be before he’s removed from office. So far, he hasn’t reached the country’s limit. And it confounds him.

Or he could be frikken nuts.

Y’know, sometimes an asshole is just an asshole.

I’m in concurrence with this. I never got the impression that he took it seriously when he first started campaiging, that it was a “check the block and add it to the resume” thing for him (his ego). I don’t beleive that he actually expected to get the nomination. When he did, I don’t think he expected to actually get elected at first.

Yep. He’s just lazy, sloppy and Doesn’t Give A Fuck, and it shows.

I think he’s just talking in a way that his base respond well to.

Do we have any recent evidence that he talks at a higher level in private?


I didn’t mean to imply that. I think everyone around him is part of his base.

Then without any evidence to the contrary, it looks as if he is indeed losing it for real.

President Trump may or may not be losing it. He may have appeared a bit more on the ball in the past because he was never put in a spot like this.

But I don’t see any evidence of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

And I say this as the primary caretaker of a person with severe dementia. I was his caretaker at home for a couple of years, until it became clear that he could no longer live in his home, and now I visit him nearly every day in the advance memory care facility in which he lives now. And I meet a lot of people with dementia or Alzheimer’s there.

In my (decidedly non-medical, non-professional, non-qualified) opinion, the president does not have Alzheimer’s, and does not have perceptible dementia.

I don’t buy this as an explanation for the kind of errors he makes. I dunno if he has dementia or whichever, but there’s definitely something rotten in that gourd of his.

I have to agree. The guy’s beyond the pale. He certainly is a narcissist.

I was just telling my wife that I absolutely did not think he suffered any dementia or similar mental problems. However, we also just discussed that recently, I began to wonder if perhaps he really does. I think it was:

  • Oranges/Origins
  • stating his Father was born in Germany

And really…just listening to him recently has made him sound a lot worse. I guess it is just stress and so forth, but he does seem to being have a breakdown sometimes.

I’ll say “probably not” still, but he certainly looks worse than he did 20 years ago. I mean mentally, not just physically.

I think we are witnessing the normal aging process occur with an inherently not very smart person. He started out not so great. And now he’s over 70.


Compare trump in 1999 to now