Trump's appoval rating with African Amercians. 36%

Trump won just 8% of the African American vote in 2016. Since then his approval rating with African Americans has skyrocketed to 36%, probably due to him improving the economy, giving tax breaks to middle class and working class individuals, and having record low in-employment. Even jobs such as manufacturing, and Obama once said are not coming back are. The optics of tariffs also makes some think that more domestic companies and new companies might be hiring more people in the USA.

If Trump can merely double the percentage of the African American vote in 2020, ( say 16% of the African American vote or higher ) Democrats will be in some trouble as they count on 88-90+% of the African American vote to win elections.

What is the correlation to approval ratings in a demographic group to votes for him or her on election day?

Rasmussen is well known for highly biased polls in favor of the Right. You know that.
The economy was on a long trend of improvement Since 2009. Ditto on unemployment.
Thanks, Obama.
The “tax cuts” are paltry and temporary while the TAX CUTS for the wealthy are permanent.
Along with the resultant increased deficits.
Thanks, Trump.

That high?

Probably not. Rasmussen is not good at polling.

Here is some other data from pollsters with better track records:

Use other pols if you wish, they all say his approval rating is significantly higher among African Americans.

As for deficits, Trump won’t come close to catching Obama. But by reversing many of his economic politics, regulation, and taxes, the economy is trending for the better since he took office.

Chew on this:
NAACP’s own poll reveals surge in black support for Trump.** Do you think they are biased on this topic, running coach? Well?

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Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Among Black Americans Is Actually Too Good to Be True

So, you’re saying a sizable number of African Americans are deplorable too? I guess that would be true of any segment of society.

If Trump receives more than 10% of the African American vote in 2020 (assuming he’s on the ballot) I’ll eat a MAGA hat. Bookmark this post.

Neat! If his approval keeps doubling, it’ll probably be like, over 350% by the time the first N-word tape goes viral!

More than 10% is just 2% and a fraction more than he got in 2016.

If you use the NAACP poll, you might get a hat trick of MAGA heats to eat.

Nothing I said has anything to do with deplorable.

I’m still wondering what the correlation of approval ratings to votes on election day is.

Got links to any of these polls you’re quoting?
Some reason you can’t be bothered to do so in your OP?

Silver, serious question - is there some place I can go to sign up to get the daily talking points to spread on message boards, Facebook, Twitter, etc? I’m looking to make a few extra bucks and figure it’s something I could handle.


Unless you’re a Russian, supporting Trump is deplorable. Period.

They’re all listed in that article linked in the OP.

My understanding of Silver Lining at this point is that he doesn’t tend to represent the numbers in his cites with any degree of accuracy, so it’s worth reading them yourself to figure out what the numbers really are. For instance, here he compares actual voter numbers with a single cherry-picked poll’s results to suggest that Trump’s approval has “skyrocketed.”

That’s so ridiculous that it’s impossible to take anything else in the OP seriously.

The only thing that I’m curious about is what Rasmussen reported African American approval of Trump to be in their earliest numbers. Can anyone find that? All I can find is their overall approval trend numbers, not broken out by race.

They’re not. You get today’s Rasmussen’s Daily tracking page with no way to get to previous days. Even thought the link is to the 16th, you still get today’s page. The poll in question was several days ago.

The Post article I linked to above linked to this Rasmussen tweet which said it was 19% a year before. No idea about farther back than that.

The link in the tweet doesn’t go anywhere except today’s tracking page.
I don’t think Rasmussen wants the poll itself seen.

Yeah, Rasmussen is a joke outfit. I was just answering with the only claim I’ve seen for earlier results.

Ima do a super irritating multiquote. Skip if you hate being irritated.

That NAACP poll seemed to be what you were asking for. If you were asking for Rasmussen’s tracking polls, though, you’re right that they’re not linked.

Where can one find earlier NAACP poll results to verify that approval did indeed “skyrocket”?