Trump's appoval rating with African Amercians. 36%

About the 21%

So it’s 21% in those specific districts, not nationwide.

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When you crowed that Republicans would retain control of the House after the 2018 elections, by a margin of 236-234, were you not chastened about talking about numbers and statistics?

And, I suspect that, thanks to gerrymandering, many (most?) African-Americans (and Hispanics, for that matter) don’t live in those competitive House districts, but in House districts that were specifically created to yield majorities for African-American or Hispanic voters (most of those districts wind up being pretty reliably Democratic).

Good catch. At least in this case Silver Lining wasn’t misrepresenting his cite–it’s just that his cite got it really wrong.

Of course, after they gerrymander the districts that way they scream foul when nobody in those districts votes GOP.

(See the whining done by GOP freaks after the 2012 election where they were stunned that there were few Romney voters in certain sections of North Philadelphia.

Umm, what does Trump’s percentage of the African American vote in 2016 have to do with Trump’s approval rating with African Americans? ‘They’ don’t only poll actual voters.

CMC fnord!

My memory is leaky, but I seem to recall telling people over and over in, say, 2015 and 2016, never ever to take the results of a single poll seriously. Only look at large numbers of polls together to avoid the perils of outliers. Nate Silver made a fortune by saying this, but anybody who’s ever looked at polling or statistics for more than five minutes should have come to the same conclusion independently.

Silver lining, you weren’t around then, so you might want to note this new information. Anybody - right or left - whose posts trumpet a single poll, especially one that presents data out of line with the average of polls, loses all credibility as soon as they hit send.

In a thread about support for Trump, it’s automatically implied.

The thing is, I’d not much question a number around 15%. Black voters may trend heavily Democratic, but some will always support the Republicans for various reasons. The polling mentioned earlier seems to bear that out. After this many election cycles, however, the OP should really be embarrassed to think highly of a Rasmussen poll.

Here is the black unemployment rate. It spikes to near 17% during the great recession, then steadily goes down.

It is insulting that so many people on the right spent the last 8 years saying the economy was horrible, terrible, miserable. But now that a republican is president the GOP is more than eager to take credit for Obama’s accomplishments.

Obama and his policies led to the low african american unemployment rate. Trump is just taking credit for Obama’s competent leadership. After 8 years of insulting Obama, the GOP is more than willing to take credit for his achievements and his work. Which is really insulting to those of us who supported him and elected him. Its like watching someone rake up leaves in a yard while another person sits in a recliner and complains endlessly about what a horrible job they are doing, but when the job is done they take credit for it. Its insulting and ignorant.

Thanks Obama.

Having said that, seeing how Trump’s overall approval is barely 40%, I find it hard to believe that blacks are approving of him at 36%.

According to Pew, Trump has a 14% approval, 80% disapproval rate from blacks. That sounds more realistic.

Others point out that the numbers quoted by Mr. lining are incorrect. However, Mr. lining suffers from another problem: He misinterprets the meaning of approval.

It is possible to approve of a President you didn’t vote for. I voted for Bill Clinton, but would have approved of George H.W. Bush had he been re-elected.

For example, consider this 2003 report from Gallup Polls:

The same Gallup company reports that in the 2000 election, Blacks voted 95% for Gore, 3% for Bush, 2% for Nader.

Please think about that for a moment, OP. Only 3% of Blacks had voted for Bush in 2000, yet Gallup found it surprising that only 32% approved of him in 2003. I’ve given you the clues to understand this. Do you?

BTW, Mr. lining, at the risk of “junior-modding” I will say that at SDMB we answer questions when we can as well as asking them. I think this is the 7th question of yours I’ve answered, but you have yet to answer a single one of mine. Let’s start with this one: Do you now understand the difference between voting for a President and approving of his performance?

Similarly, I voted for Dukakis but I approved of George HW Bush’s performance. You can approve of someone you didn’t vote for, though GHWB is the only Republican that I have ever approved of.

I have grave doubts about the 36% figure, considering Charlottesville, Racist Prick Sessions in the AG slot, Donald’s open racism, etc.

They have a bias but they aren’t enough of a joke to get banned from 538 poll averaging. They give them a C+ which is higher than SurveyMonkey.

Can anyone find an actual breakdown of what the actual question and answers were? This just shows approve and disapprove, no “No Opinion.” So basically everyone from “Yeah sure, I don’t really care” to “MAGA MAGA MAGA” is considered “approved.”

Funny how the OP starts a lot of threads like this, then he becomes harder to find than Donald Trump’s tax returns.