Trumps fire and fury-perhaps not all bluster?

Trump posted yet another threat-this one on N. Korea. He threatened them with fire and fury the likes of which the world has never seen. He also boasted that the nations nuclear weapons are the strongest and best they have ever been. And of course took credit for that, saying on his first day he upgraded the arsenal. Immediately various commenters started poking holes in his claims and threats. Especially his claim of responsibility for upgrades. Obama had started the upgrade program in 2014.

I am most interested in Trump’s claim he gave orders on his first day as President that greatly strengthened the countries nuclear arsenal. After all, one of the first things any President gets on assuming office is a briefing on the nation’s black programs. Perhaps there is a black program that was waiting deployment that Trump approved?

Obviously those people who know the answer to this question can’t talk about it. So it leaves the rest of us free to speculate. Anyone have any ideas?

I will go first. In 2005 the Bush administration publicly dropped their funding request for a nuclear bunker buster-and the Republican congress publicly went along by citing the need to support nuclear non-proliferation. Many people at the time expressed skepticism, speculating that the program was just being transferred to the black program world. If so, the original plan was to have initial operating capability by 2009. Might the Obama administration have put it on hold, after all they are in fact in favor of non-proliferation, and I can see Trump on his first day signing an order deploying the weapon. Which would mean his comment about upgrading the nation’s fire and fury might not be bluster but instead a deliberate leak of the existence of a highly classified program?

Anyone else have suggestions on actual programs Trump might have been talking about? I recognize we can’t believe anything he says, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t talk about things he shouldn’t that are in fact real.

I have it on good authority that Trump ordered the painting of snarly faces and cryptic slogans such as “Hi There!” and “Dear John” on all the bombs.

Other than that, I got nothing.