Trump's victory speech

Well, he’s accused Clinton of treating her office as Secretary of State as a cash cow, and she is being protected by a corrupt President.

Earlier, he attacked the rigged system, rigged by corrupt politicians.

I’m sensing a theme here.

He accused the Clintons of multiple instances of influence peddling without, unfortunately, remembering to mention what specific influences were being peddled. Maybe he’s keeping that for his super huge blockbuster speech on Monday or Tuesday, when he promises to really blow the lid off.

He’s going to take off his hairpiece?

Good luck with that. I heard it’s a weave.
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Doesn’t mean it won’t come off.

It’s become bonded to the cap he always wears to hold it down.

“Blow the lid off?” I heard on the radio that he was going to “spill the beans.” The man is certainly a master of metaphor; it’s a pleasure just to hear him speak.

Trump is as corrupt as they come. He said for a while that he wasn’t like all the other corrupt politicians. But, he is proof that you don’t have to be an establishment politician to be corrupt.

I’m still waiting for the information his detectives dug up in Hawaii about Obama’s birth certificate. That was supposed to bring down the administration.

Vote for Trump: Twice the corruption with none of the experience!

Will never happen


You don’t think he’ll give a victory speech upon losing?

When does normal political discourse cross the line into slander? Stating that your opponent has taken bribes is pretty out there.

The fact that Trump used a teleprompter is hilarious.

What speech are we talking about here – the one Trump will deliver at the convention in Cleveland accepting the GOP nomination, or the one he will not deliver on election night in November?

Of course, Trump paid out bribes and basically got away with it.