Trying to bridge a wireless connection

OK, so I got my desktop back up and running, but it’s in a room far away from my wireless router, so I can’t run an ethernet cable to it. However, I do have a laptop with a wireless card (how I’m connecting right now,) as well as a hardwire ethernet port. I was told I could easily use the laptop to connect my dekstop to the internet by bridging the connections in the network control panel. I connected the two computers using a crossover cable (as I was told to do,) and when I did that the ‘local area connection’ appeared in the taskbar and tried to get an ip or something on both PCs. It didn’t get any address, but I figured ‘eh’. I go to my laptop network connections, click on both the network connections, and tell them to bridge. When it does that, a new network is created (the bridge), and when it finishes, all three networks (the wireless, the hardwire LAN, and the bridge) have little red X’s and are connected to nothing. I can’t even get the already existing, and previously working, wireless on the laptop to connect, until I cancel the bridge and then it works fine.

So what am I doing wrong? Should I use regular ethernet cablr and not a crossover? Do I need to fiddle faddle with the network properties some more?

What OS do you have on the laptop and PC? Also, please list all IP addresses and subnets on your network.

Cross-over cable is correct.

You would probably need to enable Internet Connection Sharing on the laptop’s wireless network connection. Go to Network Connections, select the wireless network connection, right click - go to Properties/Advanced, select Internet Connection Sharing “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”.

After enabling Internet Connection Sharing, try bridging the connections.

OK, turns out all I needed to do was activate the ‘internet connection sharing.’ No need to bridge at all (and in fact it wouldn’t let me bridge.)

Thanks for the help.