Trying to create a shortcut to open a new ff browser window.

I have a shortcut to FF on my quicklaunch bar. I configure a keyboard shortcut for it - windows key-I. It comes up as ctrl-alt-I.

Neither of them actually do anything.

Is there a pre-existing keyboard shortcut to open a new browser window? If not does anyone know of a convenient way of creating a (useful) one (such as windows key- I)?

In Vista, the first 10 shortcuts in Quick Launch have their own keyboard shortcut automatically. Press Windows Key + a number between 1 to 0 to open the corresponding shortcut.

How to make the shorcuts for the quick launch icons past # 11 I haven’t a clue.

In my experience with Win 2000 and XP (happily, no experience yet with Vista), keyboard shortcuts to icons on the taskbar don’t work reliably. Instead set a shortcut to an item within the Start menu (right-click on a menu item and open its Properties dialog).

Perfect. I’ll just move FF to the first pos and use windows key - 1.

This works (though not with windows key - I, but with ctrl - alt - I)
Thanks to both of you. I think I’ll go with the former (windows key - 1) as it requires less keys, and also I now know how to load up the other stuff on the ql bar :slight_smile:

CTRL-N should open a new window of most any application you are currently using.

(EDIT) You should also be able to map that to anything, but I’m on Linux so I can’t tell you how. But as an example, I have my function keys to open my favorite programs. F2 opens firefox, or a new window if it’s already running

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