Windows XP query

Sorry to ask a dull question but…
Having just switched to Windows XP with my new PC, I can’t find that handy little icon on the taskbar that lets you go straight back to the desktop when you have a few internet windows open ( so you don’t need to close them one by one) Does anyone know if there is one?


Right click on the taskbar, click “properties,” and make sure “Show Quick Launch” is checked.

Thanks…saved me hours of stress. Great .

for me, the easiest way, so I don’t have to look for/click on the icon is to hit <windows key>+ d. this will automatically bring up the desktop, no matter if the quick launch bar is showing or not.


Oh, that’s a useful one I didn’t know about.

The ones I use a lot are:

Windows-E – brings up File Explorer/My Computer
Windows-(Pause/Break) – brings up the sytems properties Window
Windows (by itself) – convinces the sometimes stubborn hidden task bar to reappear.
On a tangent, here’s a joke I just heard:

You know, if Bill Gates had a nickel for every time Windows has crashed … oh, wait. He does.

By the way, if you ever delete that icon (which some of my brilliant clients have been known to do) from your taskbar, here’s where you can find it:

C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

This is for XP. I am pretty sure it’s in a different place in 2k and 98. Application Data is a hidden folder, btw, so you will need to show hidden folders to be able to find it.

Anyway, once you find that folder using Windows Explorer, just “Send to - Desktop (as shortcut)” then drag the shortcut into the quicklaunch area. Then you can delete the shortcut from your desktop (because really, what’s the point :wink: ).

Some more useful windows key combos:
Windows + m = minimize all windows (almost the same as win-d, but doesn’t get rid of windows that can’t be minimized)
Windows + r = bring up the run control.
Windows + L = lock computer (very handy, especially at work.)