Trying to find a qoute by Robert Anton Wilson

Hi, just wondering if anyone out there knows this qoute?
I’ve been trying to locate it for a friend’s dissertation, so I need page number, book title, and everything. It’s by Robert Anton Wilson.

“Totalitarianism always looks like a parody of itself.”

Thanks loads.

I’m pretty sure it’s from the first book of the Illuminatus! trilogy, since I just finished re-reading it and that looks awfully familiar. I’ll try to do some skimming today and see if I can find it.

-RAW, Cosmic Trigger II pg 126

Never mind, it’s not from the Illuminatus! trilogy. I found the e-book and searched it; nada. At least that’s one you can subtract from the materials you have to go through to find it.

Meanwhile, I suggest contacting your local library. Or making your friend do it.

It’s a good quote, i’m sure in his 30 odd (and I do mean odd) books I’m sure RAW slipped it into more than one. CTII was just the closest at hand. :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks loads.