Trying to find an anti-Vietnam war folk song updated to Iraq

There are probably lots of them, but I’m looking for a particular one. I think it was posted in one of the Youtube threads or somewhere else in CS. It was a Leonard Cohen or Tom Waits (are those to even similar?) or some such folk singer. Compounding the long shot, I can’t even say for sure that the remake was even the original singer or just someone who had a similar sounding voice.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?



You might want to give a little more info about the song.

Any chance it was Pete Seeger doing “Bring Them Home”? He recorded it orginally during the Vietnam war, and recorded another version a year or two ago w/Billy Bragg, Ani DiFranco, and Steve Earle. Looks like Springsteen is also doing a version.

Alas, it was a late night Dope-checking that led me to the songs originally. Someone put the two of them in the same post. I have just a fleeting image in my mind and little more than an impression of “wow, that was moving. I gotta remember that.” Of course I didn’t, and of course I can’t remember much more than I posted.

I don’t think it was live, nor did it include multiple artists. Also, the artist was either redoing the original or someone was paying homage to him. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t two different famous people.

Is it “Everybody Knows” by Leonard Cohen?

My best guess is George W. Told the Nation, by Tom Paxton, which is an update to his Lyndon Johnson Told the Nation.

I don’t find Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits remotely similar.

Here’s a pretty good synopsis of 60’s war and anti-war tunes. I’m going to check out Give Peace a Chance just because it’s one of my favorite songs.

There’s tons of anti-Iraq war videos with war protest songs as the soundtrack.

Here’s Blowin’ in the Wind.

Here’s Imagine.

I know these are not what you are looking for, but insightful lyric substitutions are a lot harder to come by. I don’t care for the word substitution of lyrics for sound bites style of parody which is a dime a dozen and kinda just saddens me.

Do listen to some of the songs on the aformentioned website and tell us which song you are looking for, if it is there.

My only hope is that we can stop this madness before 2013… He actually attested to one hundred years of occupation in reality. Bring them home.

I hope the democrats can win, but I got doubts about Obama. He seems unelectable against McCain. We are warlike people, I am resigned. I try to talk sense, but I feel alone…

The War by Lucero.


There are lesser evils.

What he said. And even if it ain’t, Tom Paxton is good.

That was it!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!