Trying to find the date of death for this individual

Can anyone help me find the date of the death of the individual in this find a grave entry? Everything I find online mentioned that he drowned in Antietam Creek in 1904, but I haven’t found the date of the incident. The entry seems to be taken from a newspaper, but I can’t find the original source.

“Mr. Will Rust, son of Mr. N. A. Rust, of Hagerstown, was drowned in Antietam Creek, near that city, on Saturday night about 10 o’clock.

Mr. Rust, accompanying a young lady, Miss Gladys Anna Bright, of the same city, to whom he had been paying special attention for the last six or seven years, left Hagerstown about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, for Funkstown, where he engaged a boat for a sail on the creek.

About 10 o’clock the young lady was heard to call Mr. Rust for help. The couple then had rowed some distance up stream. The searching party that went to their assistance found the boat empty and Mr. Rust’s coat floating on the water. The presumption is that the young lady fell out of the boat and young Rust attempted to rescue her and both were drowned. The water is some 15 or 18 feet deep at the place of the tragedy. The remains of the young man were brought to Luray on Tuesday and placed in the Jordon vault on the Luray College grounds. They were accompanied by his father, two brothers and one sister, all of whom are so well known in Luray.”

Cleaned up the C/P issues as best I could.

Emmitsburg Chronicle, Friday, June 17, 1904

Looks like June 11, 1904.

That’s awesome, thank you.

ETA he’s buried in his family tomb in the backyard of our new house. We plan on hosting a Billy Rust party every year on the date.

And hers a pic of the back of the tomb.

That is so cool! Just missed it this year, I guess.

Too bad Gladys isn’t there.

Staunton Spectator and Vindicator, June 17, 1904

It would be nice, and not too late, to collect donations for boating safety with everyone coming to the party kicking in. Seem to be a drowning hotspot and makes their deaths a bit less meaningless.

Well, they drowned in Maryland a couple hundred miles away, their family tomb is in Luray, Va. We’re already hard at work at a cocktail in his honor, in that we are drinking on the deck overlooking his grave.

I didnt realise it was so far away.

I guess closer to a hundred miles.

GreysonCarlisle got the date of June 11 correct. I found the death index at the Maryland State Archives, it’s a massive document, and his record is on page 4605. I know Maryland put their death certificates online a couple of years ago, up to like 1910 or so, but I can’t find my link or find them right now.

Thanks again. I knew the Dope would have the answer in no time.

Happy Billy Rust Day.