Trying to find the name/artist of a song

I am trying to find a song and the title and artist (s) are unknown to me. The last line of the song is something like “88 lines about 44 girls”. The male singer goes through 44 women he knew/dated and their peccadillos. Can anyone help me on this? :smiley:

You’d probably get a better response next time if you post to GQ. But anyway, it’s probably “88 Lines about 44 Women” by Campbell & The Nails.

The Nails: 88 Lines About 44 Women
88 Lines About 44 Women
88 Lines About 44 Women

I think the name of the band that did it is called The Nails, and I know They Might Be Giants did a cover of it.

Damn! Too Slow!

Here’s a couple of search sites for next time:

International Lyrics Server Similarity Search
Lyrics World - Serach by Title Artist or Lyrics

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To attest to the idiots on the Web (musical and in general) I once found a version of that song on Napster accredited to Nine Inch Nails. :rolleyes: