trying to get my monitor to work

The following message is taken from my monitor manual (Samsung synchmaster 913V). It exactly describes my problem.
I need help deciphering what it wants me to do.
Does it want me to adjust my monitor settings or my video card settings?
How do I do this?

*You can see this message when the
Mode",“Recommanded signal from the video card exceeds the
Mode 1280 x 1024 60Hz” on maximum resolution and frequency that
the screen?

Adjust the maximum resolution and
frequency that the monitor can handle

If the display exceeds SXGA or 75Hz, a
“Not Optimum
Mode”,“Recommanded Mode 1280 x
1024 60Hz” message is displayed. If
the display exceeds 85Hz, the display
will work properly but the “Not
Optimum Mode”,“Recommanded
Mode 1280 x 1024 60Hz” message
appears for one minute and then
Please change to the recommended
mode during this one-minute period.
(The message is displayed again if the
system is rebooted.) *

It wants you to adjust your monitor settings in Windows (not in the monitor itself). But that depends on Windows having correctly detected the monitor in the first place.

This is assuming XP, and that you can at least get to a Windows desktop: Right-click on the desktop and go to properties | settings, then click on the Advanced tab, Monitor, and make sure it matches what you think it is. If it doesn’t you may have to download a suitable driver from Samsung.

Once that’s correct go again to properties | settings, and slide the resolution to 1280x1024 or lower, then click on the Monitor tab and select a refresh rate of 60 or lower.

It seems that all settings were correct. I had just downloaded the proper driver yesterday but the problem did not go away. Luckily had another, cheaper monitor handy.
That’s when I started this thread.
I did lower the resolution one notch after reading your post.
The refresh rate had choices of 60 or 70 but it was already set at 60. I couldn’t have put it any lower.
The monitor works fine for a few hours then it shuts down and I get the error message. If I let it sit for an hour or so, it goes back to normal. I thought it was the video card but it must be a monitor problem if my second monitor works.
Thanks for your help. Any other ideas?

If it works for a while then breaks you pretty clearly have a faulty monitor. It’s most likely overheating, so if there’s anything you can do to improve its cooling or air circulation it may help for a while, but it’s time to look for a new one I think.