Trying to identify a guitar in a Blondie video

In the video for “Atomic”, Frank Infante is playing an odd looking guitar. The body appears to be a modified Gibson Les Paul shape. Across the top is a row of six control knobs (presumably tone & volume). There are two pickups and a switch in the usual places along with a larger control knob next to the jack. The headstock is also set up like a Gibson - three over three tuning machines. Unfortunately, the camera never settles on the headstock long enough for me to read the name, but it’s in the same style script as a Gibson (although I don’t think it is a Gibson).

Any ideas?


I have tried to get a picture of that guitar on the net, and even tried to get shots of the video, there is one on her site but all you see is a shadow of the headstock. Does it have oval shaped pick-ups or are they humbuckers? I thought maybe you might be looking at a Les Paul Stereo model, the pick-ups where offset and were plastic. Also there was a plastic plate near the jack with a multitude of switches and a large chicken head style selector switch. If it wasn’t a gibson it may have been a Framous, which is made in Germany. If you can link me to a pic it would help.

Sorry - don’t know by the description - would need to see a picture. My books with all of the various Les Paul models only point to the LP Stereo, Recording and Personal, which are what Achilles Last Stand described, but they don’t have six knobs across the top - although, I must admit, I don’t know exactly what “across the top” means.

Best of luck.

The Les Paul Stereo would also be a good guess because of the time frame of video. I believe the late seventies were when it came out. I know one thing, they were heavy like a bag of bricks and they sounded horrible next to a Standard with the maple top/mahogany back. I saw Jimmy Page play one on the first tour with The Firm, I think they’re ugly. <shrug>

By across the top, I mean the six knobs are evenly spaced about 3" above and parallel to the strings.

I can do a screen capture and send it to you if you’d like.

I would like to see it, Mr. Blue Sky. You have raised my curiousity , now.

I found a better capture from another video. It’s a 3/4 view looking down from the neck.

If you’d like to see it, my e-mail is in my profile.

Found it! I showed the picture to a local guitar shop. The guy was able to identify almost immediately.

It’s a National Westwood 77.

They were made between 1964-1966. It was also referred to as a “map” guitar since its shape mimics a map of the US. Not many were made.