What brand of guitar does Carole King have here?


Has anyone here ever play one?

Woulda thought Godin, but can’t find a pic like that when I search under Godin Guitar images on Yahoo…

Looks like an Ovation acoustic-electric maybe.

I don’t think it’s an ovation. My first thought was also a Godin. Maybe it’s some boutique guitar?

Most Ovation guitars have that flared headstock.

I swear I’ve seen this model before. The 3 knobs on the face look very familiar.

I have my own crack research team on this and hope to know soon.

I don’t think its an Ovation. The headstock on an Ovation is generally a severe mushroom-like outward flare just above the 3rd tuning knob, and this doesn’t have that.

I’ll let you know what I come up with tho.

Doesn’t look like an Ovation or a Godin. Ovation guitars have that funky headstock. I can’t find a Godin with a circular sound hole (some have F-holes).

No amount of magnification (OK, it’s not a super-fine-resolution photo) reveals anything written on the headstock, so it might be a custom made axe. “Gosh, make a guitar for Carole King? Yes, I’d be willing to do that!”

I’ll keep looking. Y’all keep looking, too.

I did some googling and came up with the idea of looking at images of Gibsons. I thought the headstock was not inconsistent with some available from them, and the body shape was reminiscent of the Les Paul (with the obvious problems of having a sound hole, only three control knobs, and a differently-shaped tailpiece).

But the picture is clearly part of the promotional materials for her Living Room Tour album. Perhaps some enterprising soul could give Concord Jazz a jingle and find a friendly publicist willing to talk about it…

That doesn’t look like a Gibson headstock to me. It looks like a standard blank pattern. In fact, the “stock” headstock appearance and apparent lack of a nameplate suggests to me that her guitar is a custom job. I have no way of knowing for sure, of course.

kaylasdad99 - the shape is reminiscent (actually derivative of) a Fender Telecaster. The bridge is Martin/Gibson-ish and the headstock is similar, but not a true copy of, a Gibson “open book/mustache” carve.

I am inclined to go with custom made, too - but it is similar to some Godin’s I have seen…

Yep - I thought so. Not CK’s guitar, but there is a Godin Telecaster-type guitar out there:

So that’s what I thought it was…and am wrong. I stick with custom for now…