Trying to remember the name of an actress

She was in quite a few TV roles (I think) during the 1970s. Her defining trait was that she didn’t age as most people do (due to disease or genetic defect or something), so she was playing kid roles well into her late teens. I remember she had chubby cheeks, too.

Not much to go on, but hoping you folks can scare up the name. Wife and I Googled until our fingers bled to no avail.


Sorry I can’t answer your question.

Although, there is a Factual answer to be found, I’m sure, you might have better luck in Cafe Society. Folks there love a challenge like this.

Pamelyn Ferdin.

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bienville has to wear the Asshat for the rest of the day.

I was thinking it might be Dana Hill .

Charlene Tilton was slow to age. I haven’t seen her in a while…maybe she looks her age now.

Hmm. The first one I thought of was Quinn Cummings

Dana Hill was who I thought of, too. I remember a photo in some cheesy celebrity magazine that showed her driving her car with the license place, “OVER 16” because she looked so young. Didn’t she die at a tragically young age?

She died at the age of 32 after struggling with diabetes all her life.

You guys are amazing! Thank you :slight_smile: